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Clone your best performing sales person for sales success.

Cloning your sales team’s most successful people

Everyone wants success and your sales people desire success more than most. Sales people were born with ambition in their souls and the desire to go out there and make things happen. But not everyone is born with the innate ability to turn that desire into sales. That’s where tools like BuddyCRM come into play. Using […]

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Dont get left in the dark - find out what your sales team are up to

What is my sales team doing?

This article seeks to discuss the age-old problem of being the sales team manager and not knowing where your team is today and what they're doing. If you currently have this dilemma then you'll love BuddyCRM and its sales team calendar feature, team activities overview on the dashboard, and the incredibly powerful reporting facilities on [...]
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The Downtraders Report - Your Special Move in BuddyCRM

The Downtraders Report – Your Sales Team’s Secret Weapon

One small but incredibly powerful and useful feature available to all BuddyCRM users is the Downtraders Report - we like to call it Buddy's secret weapon. Just like in a game when you save up enough power points and then unleash your 'special move', the Downtraders report could save you and your team from annihilation. It's simple really, [...]
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sales health checklist

The Sales Health Checklist

Take the Sales Health Checklist To help you with your sales efforts, we've developed an excellent process we work through with a lot of BuddyCRM users. It's called the Sales Health Checklist - a series of questions to help you see where you are with your sales and sales team. Complete this simple question and answer session [...]
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Data security image for BuddyCRM - keep your files safe and secure with cloud based CRM

Is data security important to you?

Keeping and controlling your data should be one of the most important parts of your business. After all, keeping in touch with your customers and clients is what keeps sales ticking over. But what would happen if you lost your paper records or one of your key sales people left, taking with them all ‘their’ […]

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buddycrm pal logo

Introducing PAL – Buddy’s integrated search language

With our new features now live, you’ll see this new PAL icon in the search bar: Click it and you’ll be able to take advantage of BuddyCRM’s new search query language. With it you can create sophisticated search queries to find exactly the set of records you’re looking for. You can search for anything, in any field, […]

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Five key performance indicators to track in your CRM

Hey Sales Manager, Here’s Five Things To Track in Your CRM

As a sales manager, you’re going to be asked to track the performance of your sales team. Overall sales are an obvious and easy measurement, but the underlying factors that affect your sales performance are what you actually need to keep track of. Looking at the headline figure for sales growth or decline won’t tell […]

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santa checks up his messages on BuddyCRM iphone app

Can Buddy help Father Christmas?

At this busy time of year for everyone’s favourite big, red, gift-giving chap (Father Christmas / Santa Claus), things can get a bit hectic and out of control. Could Buddy make his life just a little bit easier? Yes! Firstly, Santa could check his busy schedule on the BuddyCRM calendar. He’d see when he needs to […]

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Planning a sales call with BuddyCRM

Planning a sales call with BuddyCRM

Here’s a few tips to help you with your next sales call and incorporating BuddyCRM in that planning. Plan the call – don’t just wing it As they say, ‘proper planning prevents poor performance’. While some things work best when acting on a whim, actions like a sales call will work a whole lot better if […]

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