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CRM for Marketers

BuddyCRM can help you to promote your services to your customers and prospects.

Shotgun or Sniper

Target your prospects or customers either en-masse or ultra-targeted using our quick campaign creation tool.

BuddyCRM create a marketing campaign screenshot

Complete Return on Investment for every marketing £

Link lead creation and opportunity management to the relevant marketing campaigns thereby tracking effectiveness and return on investment.

record the results of your marketing campaign and determine return on investment (ROI) in BuddyCRM

Plug into Redeye, Mailchimp and Pure360 Straight Out the Box

Link BuddyCRM and Redeye, Mailchimp or Pure360 to sync up your e-mail marketing to your CRM in real time. At no extra cost and with no code required, seamlessly transfer data from BuddyCRM into your e-mail list. Added to that, view open and click data within BuddyCRM for that true Single Customer View.

BuddyCRM links your contacts with Pure360 and Mailchimp for easy email marketing

Keep Data Clean

Use our clever CSV update tool to keep data fully up-to-date and accurate for your campaigns and the sales team.

buddycrm upload your data with the csv upload tool