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BuddyCRM Sales Tip #3 – Spend More Time Selling


BuddyCRM can be easily accessed through the web either on your PC, laptop, or via the app on your tablet computer or smart phone.

Your customer records will always be with you no matter where you go. Need to find a customers contact details or full history fast? No problem. Need to view your diary or check your sales figures? No problem.

BuddyCRM user Lee Hall, Senior Territory Sales Manager at MKG Foods finds BuddyCRM invaluable for this.

“Because BuddyCRM links in with other tools we use in the business, such as accounting and sales processing packages, I can access all the information I need whilst I’m out on the road or working from my home office. BuddyCRM gives me all the tools I need when dealing with customers and selling including up to date customer, product and pricing information.”


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Buddy CRM is the online sales customer relationship software for sales teams of 5 or more. Cloud hosted, you can access your customer records and sales data wherever you are through a browser, tablet or phone. Lots of lovely charts, tables, pipelines and kpis for management. History, scheduling, and opportunities for the sales team. With a Buddy to help you with your selling, you'll never be alone on the road again.