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BuddyCRM Sales Tip #4 – Link Marketing to Sales


It’s worth ensuring that your sales team are aware of any current marketing campaigns, so that they can follow up with customers and prospects and capitalise on any activity, thereby increasing your return on investment.

BuddyCRM allows you to track any marketing campaigns and tag these campaigns to individual accounts. The sales person can see exactly what marketing campaigns have been sent to them.

BuddyCRM user Jonathan Cox, Marketing Manager at Tack UK describes how BuddyCRM improved their joined up approach to sales and marketing.

“At TACK UK, we pride ourselves on great communication between our sales and marketing team. Our sales team know that our marketing data and our sales data are the same thing rather than two totally different, out of date silos. Therefore, prospects they are working on can be nurtured with the right type of support from Marketing, in real time. Also, thanks to the automatic links between BuddyCRM and our email marketing package, my admin in preparing campaign lists has been cut by over 90%.”

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Buddy CRM is the online sales customer relationship software for sales teams of 5 or more. Cloud hosted, you can access your customer records and sales data wherever you are through a browser, tablet or phone. Lots of lovely charts, tables, pipelines and kpis for management. History, scheduling, and opportunities for the sales team. With a Buddy to help you with your selling, you'll never be alone on the road again.

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