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Milestone Release 40

May 24, 2019

Two factor (2FA) authentication is now LIVE

This is a significant boost to the security of your BuddyCRM data. Ensure access to your information from approved sources by enabling 2FA today.

  • Enable this option in the ‘Security’ tab of the Manager module.
  • This is a great way to keep your Buddy sales team accounts secure.
  • Email and SMS text codes are sent to your team directly, when initially logging into the system.

If you require assistance with 2FA, please call Emily on 0121 288 0808.

Two factor authentication for added security on BuddyCRM

Completed Activity time is now visible on account records

Once an activity is completed, a date and time stamp now shows on the activity itself. This can be reported on too!

Time of completed activity shown on BuddyCRM record


Further Speed Optimisation and various bug fixes have been resolved within this milestone.

Milestone Release 39

Apr 26, 2019

Quoting System Updated

The Quotes module in BuddyCRM has had a revamp. Now you’ll find it quicker and easier to create a bespoke quote for your clients.

  • Quote module has had optimisation to produce a quote quicker.
  • It now works better on weaker internet connections for working on the road.
  • Various bug fixes within the area have been rectified.

Update a quote in BuddyCRM iage

Report Logs

You can now view an export log in the Reports module to see who, what and when a report was created. The Export Report List button is always visible at the top of the Reports module.

Export your report list in BuddyCRM image

Two Factor Authentication

Over the next few days, we will be enabling two factor authentication (2FA) for your subscription. This helps you become even more GDPR compliant in securing your data. Details to follow.


We’ve continued to push speed enhancements in the background and we’ve optimised the following areas in this release of the BuddyCRM system: the products page, files page, and companies page. This should enable you to find the information you need faster than ever.

Milestone Release 38

Mar 20, 2019

New Reporting System now live

We say farewell to the old reports that were live for seven years as the new Reports module is now the default in BuddyCRM. Many of you joined our free reports training webinars last month and a full set of support articles is also available at support.buddycrm.com We hope you enjoy creating and scheduling your own reports.

Schedule a report to send automatically on an agenda of your choice in BuddyCRM

Schedule reports with security rules

You can now schedule reports to send automatically via email at set times taking into account record sharing security rules. The below screenshot shows Data Security being set according to specific sharing rules set on the right-hand side.

Set security options on your reports so only certain users can use them in BuddyCRM

Data Management

Our Data Management area has had a revamp making updating existing records in BuddyCRM via CSV easier.

import data into BuddyCRM with the data management tool


Admins can now change the colour of the Buddy Sidebar to suit. You can now rock PINK Buddy! Head to the Personalisation section under Settings in Admin to select a colour. This feature will come to all users soon.

change the colour of your buddy bar in BuddyCRM with the personalisation setting

General fixes and speed boosts

As well as the above, there’s the usual bug fixes and small enhancements that have been made. We’ve also continued to optimise BuddyCRM so you’ll find it quicker than ever.

Milestone Release 37

Feb 13, 2019

We’re pleased to announce that the latest milestone release of BuddyCRM has gone live today. The following items were fixed, improved, or added:

Manager Tables now have Sticky Headers:

We’ve made sticky headers on your tables in the Manager module so when scrolling through the table you’ll always be able to see the column header and the user names down the left side. Nice!

Sticky headers on manager screens - BuddyCRMReport on activity completion notes in the new report module

If you haven’t tried the new Reports module yet, here’s a good reason to give it a go. We’ve now added the activity completion notes field so you can see the why’s and wherefore’s of your team’s activity.

Report on activity completion notes in BuddyCRMSchedule reports

Making your administration life a little easier, you can now schedule reports to be sent to your mailbox, at the same time and same frequency (whether this is daily, weekly or longer). This option is available in the new Reports module.

Schedule a daily, weekly, monthly report to be sent to your email inbox in BuddyCRMYou can manage your scheduled reports from the new Reports module too – edit, add, delete, or check up on when they’re next due.

Manage your scheduled reports in BuddyCRM

Report on Autofeeds

Any autofeeds you have can now be reported on too including pulling data from across multiple autofeeds in the new BuddyCRM Reports module.

All save/update buttons aligned in BuddyCRM

A bit of housekeeping here but we believe it will make tasks in BuddyCRM quicker to complete. We’ve been through BuddyCRM and made sure that the save / update button is always on the right side when you have a choice to update or cancel an action.

Milestone Release 35

Jan 17. 2019

The first Milestone release of 2019 includes:

Sending tags to Mailchimp

As part of our continued improvements to the MailChimp -> BuddyCRM link we have now added the ability to send Tags from BuddyCRM over to your MailChimp lists.
More improvements will continue to be rolled out with our MailChimp link so watch this space.

Report Features

Over the past few months we’ve been working hard on improving our reports suite and we’ve now added the ability to build and run automated scheduled reports.

Not only will these automatically run at any set frequency, you can also have them automatically emailed to you or any of your team in either PDF or Excel format.

If your chosen report isn’t needed as a permanent fixture, we’ve also given you the ability to end the automation after a certain number of reports or after a chosen date.

Improvements to the .csv upload area of BuddyCRM

We’ve also spent time working on speeding up the data upload process so there’s been plenty of improvements to the csv upload area.

You can now upload against any custom fields that you’ve added into BuddyCRM.

You no longer need to validate any entire sheet, a hundred records at a time. You can now validate the entire sheet of data with just one click.

We’ve made mapping fields simpler, allowing you to pre select all fields you wish to upload against.

Apostrophes can now be uploaded into the system.

Account Code Search

You now no longer have to build a PAL search to find account codes within BuddyCRM. Speed up your searches by entering account codes in the main Search Bar to find all matching results.

Below you’ll see a screenshot of the Account Code search in action…as you can see, searching for your all-important account codes are now available in the main search bar, rather than using PAL. Those with databases full of similar company names should find this a major speed up in searching.

Live instant search on account codes with BuddyCRMIf you have any questions about the update or anything else regarding BuddyCRM, please contact the Support Team on 0121 288 0808 or email support@buddycrm.com and we’ll be happy to help.