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Explore your database with our Google Maps integration

Click maps - Google Maps integration
Click the maps button in your accounts or leads
companies displayed on map - Google Maps integration
A Google Maps screen is opened with your found set of records displayed
company shown on map - Google Maps integration
Zoom in and out and click on the red icons to display more information about each company.
Creating a postcode segment - Google Maps integration
Building a segment of companies within a postcode.
Creating a segment filter - Google Maps integration
This segment is within 25 miles of a set postcode.
Building an email to a segment - Google Maps integration
Creating an email using a postcode based segment.

With BuddyCRM’s Google Maps integration, you can interrogate and display your records in even more ways with filtering options, displaying companies on a map, and emailing specific postcodes.

  • target geographic areas
  • assign leads and accounts by town, county, or postcode to each of your sales team. Swap accounts between sales team members if they move or as new members arrive to reduce transport costs.
  • create specific postcode filters and email select areas. Location specific emails can take advantage of topical or region specific issues. ie. a fire in a competitors warehouse may cause temporary delivery issues. Can you offer to step in and offer their customers assistance with a tactical email?
  • create new levels of business intelligence by incorporating location into your planning. e.g. Are you clients grouped geographically? Can you benefit from lower delivery or service costs?


  • Segment your database by area
  • Display your records on a map
  • Email specific postcodes