Manage your team from the beach

BuddyCRM, the simple-to-use, feature-packed online CRM system for sales, support, and marketing teams.

  • Remote sales team management
  • See your sales pipeline at a glance and accurately forecast deals
  • Identify prospects and view all conversations
  • Track your conversion rates and reasons for winning/losing
  • Highlight the best practices of your sales team
BuddyCRM shown on three devices, macbook, iphone, ipad - graphic

BuddyCRM in Brief

• Know everything about your customers, before you see them
• Full management visibility at a glance
• Track your Marketing ROI in real-time
• Create customer presentations and quotations within BuddyCRM
• Keep tabs on your data, sales and customers whilst on the go


Luke Buckley - Head of Partner Network - VenuIQ

“Our industry is a competitive and fast-paced environment in which we need to react quickly to tenders/RFPs and Agency projects for upcoming events. Utilising BuddyCRM has allowed myself and our team around the world to make sense of our opportunities and global pipeline at a high level and at the ground level, so much so that we feel without an effective CRM we would be lost in the volume of communications required and it would affect our bottom line. Having the CRM customised to our processes and terminologies has also ensured good uptake from the team, all the better that the BuddyCRM team took care of this from day one. My thoughts are, if you’re in the market for a CRM, you want it to be easy to use, give real-world benefits, not take up any time in implementing it, then give BuddyCRM a call.”

Luke Buckley - Head of Partner Network

Monk Conveyors

Grace Miles - Monk Conveyors

“We purchased BuddyCRM with an idea to help the Sales team become more efficient and understand more about our Sales Pipeline. Introducing BuddyCRM into our sales function has saved us almost countless hours in the daily sales meetings, where we used to not have an accurate picture of our business’s potential sales and the introduction of numbering opportunities has allowed our reporting to again save us hours per week in manually creating sales reports. BuddyCRM has also worked with us to make our quoting system even more efficient taking us away from using excel sheets for a more centralised system that allows us to log and control our monthly targets. Easily I would suggest BuddyCRM has saved us 4 hours per person per day!”

Grace Miles


Matt Webber - 2BP

“I started using BuddyCRM this year, and the team who set up the account and provided training were very welcoming, helpful and professional. The CRM is easy to pick up and navigate through, which is a considerable benefit in a busy role, but if you have any questions, the support team are very responsive and friendly. Glad to have moved to use BuddyCRM, and I can strongly recommend the system to others.”

Matt Webber

Simple & Straightforward

There's no learning curve with BuddyCRM. Jump straight in, and you'll instantly be able to start managing your customers, building your sales pipeline and closing those sales.

Won't Break the Bank

BuddyCRM is competitively priced and packed full of features other products wouldn't dream of giving you.

Take It Anywhere

BuddyCRM works online so it can be accessed from any browser, anywhere. Plus, we have a mobile app for iOS devices.

Dedicated CRM Manager

For all packages above entry level, you get a dedicated CRM Manager to take the pain out of managing software and let you manage sales.

Designed by Sales Professionals

BuddyCRM is developed by Sales, Support and Marketing professionals who needed a CRM more intuitive than Salesforce and more powerful than Pipedrive to meet their strict demands.

Based in the UK with Fanatical Support

BuddyCRM Support is just a quick e-mail or phone call away and handled by the people who know and work with the product every day. Our team are based in Walsall.

Got any questions?
Please give us a call - 0121 288 0808