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Milestone Release 46

November 22, 2019

We’re pleased to announce that the latest milestone release of BuddyCRM has gone live today. The following items were fixed, improved, or added:

1. Reminders for Activities

You can now add a time set reminder for any of your important Activities.

    • The Reminder setting needs to be turned on within the Admin Area (please get in touch with the Support team for assistance with this).
    • Add your Reminder whilst creating your chosen ‘Activity’.
    • Select how long before the appointment you would like to be reminded. 5 Minutes/10 Minutes/ 1 Hour/ 1 Day or 1 Week.
    • Your Reminder notification will appear at the top of the BuddyCRM screen.

set reminders on

create reminder in call

2. Document Workflow

You can now add pre-determined Document folders with the use of our Workflows. If you would like more information on how to do this, please contact the Support team.

3. Opportunities User List

You can now view individual sales staff pipelines with a click of a button. Select the dropdown list within the Opportunity module, as below and select a user. You will then see your Opportunity Values change and your Opportunity records below. This is dependent on your user sharing rights within BuddyCRM.

change user opportunities list

4. We have also fixed a few bugs and conducted some speed optimisation in this update.

Buddy CRM is the online sales customer relationship software for sales teams of 5 or more. Cloud hosted, you can access your customer records and sales data wherever you are through a browser, tablet or phone. Lots of lovely charts, tables, pipelines and kpis for management. History, scheduling, and opportunities for the sales team. With a Buddy to help you with your selling, you'll never be alone on the road again.