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Our new feature, Mindreader

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Mindreader - the new feature for BuddyCRMFrustrated you never know what your prospects are thinking? Unsure of which leads to chase? Never fear Buddy can now read your potential clients minds. Find out what is stopping them signing on the dotted line, what they really think of their sales rep and what sweet deal your competitor is trying to lure them with.

Mindreader uses powerful algorithms developed by the late Leonard Nimoy to connect with your clients’ brainwaves. Buddy then interprets these into knowable actions, unknowable predictions, and makes unknown knowables known. Before they know it, you’ll know it!

You’ll wonder how you got on without it.

Mindreader is available as a wearable add-on to the BuddyCRM ios app in hat sizes S,M,L and XL.