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About Us

Our story is a bit like Goldilocks and the three bears!
Back in 2007, we were a team of Sales Managers/Directors with an itch that we couldn’t scratch. We were fed up with looking for sales management software to manage our sales teams.

We were hungry for CRM

It’s not that there weren’t packages out there but we wanted something that had simplicity of use at its centre. Unless our sales team was convinced the new software would help them, they wouldn’t use it and it would be useless – but we also needed enough features and customisation to fit our needs.

This one was too hot!

There seemed to be a lot of options that were suitable for small businesses with 1-2 sales people, but these didn’t have the customisability we needed and certain key features, like the ability to restrict users access on a read only basis.

This one was too cold!

Then, there were a lot of “enterprise” solutions, but these had far more features than we needed and as a result were horribly complicated. Added to this, not only were these “enterprise” solutions going to cost us tens of thousands of pounds per year but they also needed us to rely heavily on third party consultants to get the system configured as we needed.

This one was just right

The middle of the market, in between these two extremes of business types, was hugely neglected and as a result BuddyCRM was born. A product we use everyday and have sold to many others since.
Because it is just right.

We run our business on a few key principles

1. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. As far as possible, no action in BuddyCRM should take more than 3 clicks.

2. Users tend to perform the same 5% of features 95% of the time – therefore we make these features as easy to use as possible.

3. Try as hard as possible to not add features unless they really add something – feature creep makes systems bloated and complicated. Our niche is helping sales teams work more efficiently and giving sales managers improved visibility… we stick to that.

4. One system cannot do it all. The likes of Salesforce, Microsoft and SAP try to do everything and end up doing everything averagely. We believe medium sized businesses work best when they have 4-5 pieces of software, each with its own core strength such as sales processing, accounts, email marketing. Our software must easily integrate with all these, out of the box or with little added investment from the customer.

5. Focus on the Service in Software as a Service. Too often CRM and sales software is treated like a commodity. We work closely with our customer to make the software fit their business and see ourselves as a partner as much as a supplier. We don’t use agents or resellers – customers deal with the people making the software. If a customer needs help, we need to be there for them.

6. Allow customers to make specific customisations to match their business if they wish. Make sure our software fits their business rather than forcing their business to fit the software.

7. Make Return on Investment easy to justify. Never look to be the cheapest but look to be the best value.