What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the strategy of managing your company’s interactions with its customers, both current and future. Various techniques, technologies and practices combine to make up your approach to CRM through the customer life cycle – from defining your target, first contact, follow ups, proposal, close and repeat business.

The key to CRM is to use a system that allows you to incorporate various customer interactions including telephone calls, appointments, emails, chat, marketing materials, social media and more. The end goal is to improve business relationships, increase sales and customer retention.

A CRM System for Your Sales Team

Every visit you make, every phone call you take, every email you type creates new data for your company every single day. All of those mini interactions could potentially lead to a new sale. But where does that data go?

Many companies have no formal system of recording information so it gets written into notebooks or scraps of paper on a desk, typed into the docs folder on a laptop or worse, just stored in their head. This leaves too much to chance as details are lost or forgotten, meetings skipped and the all-important follow-up phone call is not made.

The worst case scenario is of course if a staff member leaves and takes their account knowledge with them.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. BuddyCRM takes all your customer interactions and turns it into useful, actionable information that can transform your business and keeps it safe and sound within the ownership of the company at all times.

BuddyCRM helps connect all the touch points and interactions with prospects and customers into one place. It’s a tool for contact management, sales management and productivity, marketing and beyond. The more you give to BuddyCRM, the more you’ll get out of it.

As a central repository for all you and your sales team interactions, BuddyCRM lets you:

  • interrogate your data to produce reports automatically for management.
  • know what your sales team is doing on a daily basis.
  • see how sales are progressing and how close to targets they are.
  • set realistic monthly, quarterly, and yearly targets and help struggling salespeople with actual best practice assistance.
  • transfer accounts between salespeople and realign territories.
  • target marketing to the correct prospects and customers.
  • combine all your information into one place including emails, phone calls, appointments and social interactions.
  • organise your sales pipeline and set budgets accordingly.
  • keep your data safe and secure online.
  • access your information everywhere via app or browser.
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