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“…saves us hours per week…”

“We purchased BuddyCRM with an idea to help the Sales team become more efficient and understand more about our Sales Pipeline. Introducing BuddyCRM into our sales function has saved us almost countless hours in the daily sales meetings, where we used to not have an accurate picture of our business’s potential sales and the introduction of numbering opportunities has allowed our reporting to again save us hours per week in manually creating sales reports. BuddyCRM has also worked with us to make our quoting system even more efficient taking us away from using excel sheets for a more centralised system that allows us to log and control our monthly targets. Easily I would suggest BuddyCRM has saved us four hours per person per day!

Grace Miles - Monk Conveyors

Grace Miles, Monk Conveyors

“…saving three hours per person, per day…”

“We have worked with BuddyCRM for many years, and with our global footprint, they have helped us manage our sales pipelines more effectively, integrate with our invoicing platform seamlessly to generate sales orders and allowed us to communicate with countless prospective clients quicker on a larger scale than previously possible, so undoubtedly this is saving us a huge amount of time company-wide. We are conservatively saving three hours per person, per day, for those who use BuddyCRM and this has ensured our long-lasting partnership between 59 Club and BuddyCRM.”

Andy Etherington - 59Club

Andy Etherington, 59Club Director

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