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What features do you need in a CRM?

If you’re looking for customer relationship manager (CRM) software to boost your sales then these are the features you should be looking for. We’ve exhaustedly researched our own customers, read hundreds and hundreds of CRM software reviews, and catalogued sales people’s online requests to produce this list. Address Book A company-wide address book is the […]

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integration your other software with buddycrm for a single customer view

Integrating software with your CRM for a single customer view

One of the pleasures we get in developing BuddyCRM is in deliberately not building a product that does everything. Instead, we concentrate development on making sure everything in our CRM works to assist you in making a sale, keeping in touch with your sales leads, and recording that progress. Thus, keeping features within defined parameters, […]

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find new markets and channels with BuddyCRM

Finding new markets and channels

While the medical crisis rages on and variations of lockdown and quarantine are in place, business survival is not guaranteed. Besides taking on additional debt or government support, many companies will be forced to look for new markets and channels to bring in additional income. In this post, we look at the story of West […]

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Crisis - what crisis.

Never let a good crisis go to waste

Opportunities abound throughout life. Seizing those opportunities and acting on them though is often the difficult thing to do. Now, during this period of upheaval, will be as good a time as ever to reflect on what works and what doesn't in your business and take advantage of new opportunities while they exist. From this [...]
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simple monthly payments graphic for BuddyCRM

A new more convenient monthly payment scheme

Have you been thinking about the next progression in sales, reporting and marketing efforts but have been hesitant due to significant capital investments required by the CRM industry? This has now changed. BuddyCRM is now in a fantastic position to offer its highly consultative personalised offering for a simple monthly charge without compromising on the […]

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BuddyCRM handshake - closing more deals featured image

Closing more deals with BuddyCRM

Salespeople consistently rate their highest priority at work as closing more deals. Closing a deal means, of course, winning a contract, generating an order, or perhaps, onboarding customers into a subscription. To close more deals the sales funnel needs to become more efficient and that’s where BuddyCRM and the team here can help. Typically, the […]

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Finding value from code

Finding value in the code

At BuddyCRM, our philosophy has always been to create added value for your business. We design software that makes your sales team efficient, more productive and accomplish their job easier. With the right combination of sales leadership, motivated sales team, and our sales support, its benefits are almost boundless. Business software should be more than […]

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