Let Buddy manage your calendar and diary so you don’t have to.

With just one click you can view your colleague’s calendar or your entire team. Sync your calendar with your mobile device and see all your commitments in one place.

You’ll never miss an appointment again as Buddy reminds you of meetings in advance through the app or set it to email you with reminders. A single click lets you add new meeting dates or drag and drop appointments to their correct time when meetings need to be re-arranged.

BuddyCRM calendar january screenshot
Calendar screenshots from BuddyCRM on ios app

Close in on the dates that matter

One giant diary to manage your working life. New appointments created by yourself or your team are added automatically and sync with your mobile devices.

  • View your calendar by day, week or month
  • View your own, colleagues or your whole sales team calendar
  • Search for appointments
  • Click appointment to view the contact record for the account
  • Every activity is linked back to a company so nothing is lost
  • Receive pro-active reminders if a prospect of account is “due” a call
  • Manage your diary with Pending and Completed activities so you know what is outstanding