CRM for Sales People

BuddyCRM helps you track your sales opportunities.

All your customer or prospect details on one screen

Address, email, phone number, contact names and trading profile. See what has happened and when it happened – emails, appointments, calls and opportunities. Access your history, pending activities, sales, opportunities, any linked documents, and prices you’ve quoted all in the click of your mouse.

BuddyCRM farley bakery account screenshot - pending tab on account record card

Seamlessly capture sent and received emails with attachments (yay!)

BuddyCRM easily captures all your emails including attachments and connects them to your customers and prospects. Keep a complete record of all your communications with your accounts.

buddycrm email with attachments

Stay on top of your pipeline, whether that means new leads that require nurturing or juicy sales opportunities.

Get alerts to tell you when your opportunities are due to close so you never miss an opportunity again.

opportunity overview in the buddycrm dashboard

With the ability to link in with your accounts package or any other company data source, you get the complete picture in one place.

No more flitting between your accounts package and your CRM. BuddyCRM will display your data in a clear format, which indicates how you are doing in terms of target for that sales cycle. The value of opportunities won, the percentage you are off target, how much you still need to sell – easily visible and accessible.

buddycrm opportunity screenshot 2 - record card of first training

Access your BuddyCRM anytime, on the move with the BuddyCRM iPhone App.

Need a customer address or telephone number when you’re out on the road? No problem – view your leads and accounts anytime, anywhere. Update your opportunities, activities and never miss an appointment with access to your calendar and clever reminders.