CRM for Wholesalers

Need a CRM platform equipped to handle the complex demands of your wholesale business?

BuddyCRM is your comprehensive solution, expertly designed to align with the industry’s unique needs.


80% of B2B sales interactions are expected to occur in digital channels by 2025*. BuddyCRM’s intuitive, data-driven sales and marketing platform equips your team for this digital future.

Opportunities management screen on BuddyCRM

Smarter, faster decision-making

Gain actionable insights at your fingertips. BuddyCRM consolidates your diverse data streams into a coherent, accessible format, enabling swift and informed decision-making.

Efficient sales workflow

With BuddyCRM, every step of the sales process is streamlined and synchronised, ensuring your team works in unity. Enable smart automations and integrations to further boost efficiency.

Management overview on BuddyCRM
Account record screen of BuddyCRM

Enhanced visibility

Time is money and time spent on internal admin activities is time not spent working with clients and prospects. Remove unnecessary admin and meetings thanks to BuddyCRM’s unparalleled visibility into what your sales team are doing so they can get on with what they do best.

Why You Need a CRM for Wholesale

Do you work with The dynamic nature of the wholesale industry demands more than the broad features of a standard CRM. Here’s how BuddyCRM is uniquely equipped to empower your wholesale business:

  • Tailored for Your Unique Operations: Every wholesaler has distinct processes and requirements. With BuddyCRM’s customisation options, you can tailor the system to align perfectly with your unique operational workflows and sales strategies..
  • Comprehensive Software Integration: BuddyCRM serves as the nexus for all your critical data streams, integrating data from inventory management systems, sales platforms, and supply chain tools to offer a unified customer view in one accessible location.
  • Scalable to Your Business Growth: As your business expands, BuddyCRM grows with you. It’s designed to effortlessly accommodate the increasing scale and complexity that standard CRMs may not efficiently support.
  • Total visibility for your sales team: BuddyCRM allows you to store and manage critical data such as invoice details, sales by product and credit information ensuring you always have the right information at your fingertips.

BuddyCRM is your answer to overcoming the unique challenges the wholesale industry faces.

Contact Management

Deliver tailored sales experiences with in-depth contact and account management.

About Contacts >

Tender Management

Organise and manage tender documents, submissions, and communications.

Email Marketing

Target your marketing. Create native HTML emails and email to specific customer segments.

About Email Marketing >

Bid Tracking

Monitor the status of bids and proposals, manage deadlines, and track communications.

Sales Pipeline

From lead to opportunity through to quote and close, track your deals with the sales pipeline.

About Sales Pipeline >


Automate your repetitive tasks, from setting call reminders, emails, and tasks, to sending brochures and adding leads.

About Workflows >


Trigger events in third-party software from actions in your CRM. Reduce admin and speed up tasks.

About Webhooks >


Create detailed quotes within your sales system and send them directly to your contacts.

About Quotes >


Report on everything stored in your CRM. From activities, leads, and tasks to sales and accounting information.

About Reporting >

Case Management

Keep your business in sync with great customer service. Create a ticketed help desk to deliver your support.

About Case Management >

Document Storage

Facilitate easy sharing and collaboration on construction blueprints, contracts, and other critical documents.


Seamlessly connect with your ERP system to synchronise financial data, inventory, and operational processes.

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Plus, everything you need from a modern CRM for wholesalers

BuddyCRM integrates with all your essential business tools, including:

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Sage integration logo for BuddyCRM
SAP integration logo for BuddyCRM
Oracle netsuite integration logo for BuddyCRM.
Dropbox integration logo for BuddyCRM
Mailchimp integration for BuddyCRM.
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Discover how we transform businesses in the construction sector.

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Transforming Sales Management: MKG Foods’ Success with BuddyCRM

See how MKG Foods, a foodservice wholesaler, implemented BuddyCRM to address challenges in sales reporting and lead management, resulting in a 43% increase in new business, streamlined reporting, and consistent lead management.

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MKG Foods

Our Sales Order Processing (ERP), Stock Control and Accounts packages are all automatically synchronised with BuddyCRM, so our sales team can view all customer information in one place. Knowledge is power, and we have seen our customer retention and performance levels increase significantly.

Gemma Todd
MKG Foods

Knight Electronics

Buddy Finnie

We interviewed five different CRM companies – many of the biggest names in that industry – no option was cost-prohibitive… we were looking for the best option to help our team. We went with BuddyCRM simply because of the value that they would be bringing to our company, and because they made it clear they would be there at the beginning of the process, during the development process, AND once we started using the system. They’ve been there every step of the way.

 If you’re looking for an easy to use & intuitive CRM platform that is customisable; as well as great customer support BuddyCRM are the folks you need to do business with. The team at BuddyCRM have proven to us that they are invested in our company’s success.

Buddy Finnie, Vice President Sales
Knight Electronics

Monk Conveyors

Grace Miles - Monk Conveyors

“We purchased BuddyCRM with an idea to help the sales team become more efficient and understand more about our sales pipeline. Introducing BuddyCRM into our sales function has saved us almost countless hours in the daily sales meetings, where we used to not have an accurate picture of our business’s potential sales and the introduction of numbering opportunities has allowed our reporting to again save us hours per week in manually creating sales reports. BuddyCRM has also worked with us to make our quoting system even more efficient taking us away from using excel sheets for a more centralised system that allows us to log and control our monthly targets. Easily I would suggest BuddyCRM has saved us four hours per person per day!”

Grace Miles

Stay Connected On-the-Go with BuddyCRM's iOS Mobile App

In the intricate world of wholesale, having access to your CRM wherever you are is more important than ever.

BuddyCRM's iOS mobile app ensures you stay connected and informed, even when you're on the move:

  • Real-time access
  • Instant communication
  • Efficient task management
  • User-friendly interface


How can BuddyCRM handle the complexity of our diverse product range and customer types?

Implementing BuddyCRM can efficiently manage the diverse product range and various customer types typical in wholesale businesses. Our platform allows for detailed product categorisation and segmented customer management, tailored specifically to your needs. To see how BuddyCRM can specifically adapt to your business, we recommend booking a demo to experience its capabilities firsthand.

We’re concerned about the time and resources needed for CRM integration. How does BuddyCRM ease this process?

Our platform is designed for easy integration with minimal disruption to your current operations. BuddyCRM offers seamless integration with existing accounting, ERP, and inventory systems, simplifying the transition. If you have any specific concerns, our team is happy to discuss your needs over a call.

Will BuddyCRM require extensive training for our staff?

While any new system requires some level of training, BuddyCRM is user-friendly and intuitive, minimising the learning curve. We also offer comprehensive support and training resources to ensure your team can quickly adapt to and efficiently use our tools.

How does BuddyCRM ensure the security and confidentiality of our business data?

Data security is a top priority for BuddyCRM. Our platform employs robust security measures to safeguard your business data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations. By choosing BuddyCRM, you can be confident in the secure handling of your sensitive information.

What does my business get as part of our BuddyCRM subscription?

Your BuddyCRM subscription includes a bespoke CRM system and training resources tailored to your specific business. You'll also get a dedicated account manager for ongoing support, including consultations, system enhancements, and direct assistance for any queries. Regular free updates ensure your CRM remains at the forefront of technological advancements, providing a robust tool that grows with your business.

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