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Designed by UK sales professionals, our CRM software is used by sales teams, marketers, and support teams throughout the country.

We understand the requirements of sales and marketing teams in the UK and will implement your new CRM so it works for your business.

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BuddyCRM, the easy to use, yet feature-packed online CRM system, lets you:

• Manage your contacts, close more deals
• Work from home, office, or on the road
• Design and send targeted emails
• Build and send quotes
• Create reports and turn data into information
• Integrate with your accounting, inventory, and other software

• See your sales funnel at a glance
• Identify prospects and develop your best leads
• Track your conversion rates
• Highlight the best practices of your sales team
• Support your customers with best-in-class case management

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“BuddyCRM is web-based software which is visually clean, easy to use and with its intuitive ticked box layout, we had faith it could deliver something simple. The BuddyCRM team listened and understood all the issues and challenges a supply chain of animals presents.”
JSR Stock Manager

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“It’s no coincidence that since implementing BuddyCRM our New Business is up by 43% and Customer Retention up by 11%.”
Gemma Todd

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Having worked with BuddyCRM for a few years now I can fully recommend them. The software is slick and very simple to use and the support is second to none – no question is too silly and no task too small, which gives me complete confidence in them as a supplier.”
Caroline Watson

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“Its simplicity is its greatest feature. It’s very sales focused. Plus we love the excellent and insightful service from the support team – you get selling and offer far more than a technical solution.”
Louise Gulliver

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