Ivor King

Ivor King has used BuddyCRM since 2017 to manage their sales team and pipeline. In addition, they gain valuable Business Intelligence from the information gathered to guide their strategic direction.


Ivor King is one of the UK’s leading sheet piling & bored piling contractors, providing bespoke design and installation services to the civil engineering and construction industries.


Ivor King previously used spreadsheets to keep track of their sales activity. Staff found them laborious to use and doubted the accuracy of the data, which prevented using it for strategic business decision-making. Further, it was difficult to monitor the sales team and track accountability.

“We wanted to take a more strategic approach to sales and business development in order to fulfil the business growth aspirations. To achieve this, we needed a system that provided us with critical BI across our business so we could drive these growth targets.”


Choosing BuddyCRM as their CRM provider allowed Ivor King to take control of their accounts and begin the process of creating business intelligence about their sales and upcoming sales pipeline. The head office accesses BuddyCRM through a browser and shares the same information as individual salespeople giving Ivor King the transparency on account information they were
seeking. Having the ability to customise BuddyCRM to our industry terminology was also crucial.

“Seeing how BuddyCRM could provide us with a clear overview of the incoming business and how we can manage our accounts was the key to choosing it… In addition, it is a positive to be working with a UK local business. With their support team just down the road we knew we would be able to contact BuddyCRM if we needed. ”

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“It’s helping to managing individual productivity and allows the management team to easily understand workload and monitor performance. We already have much more Business Intelligence about sales and upcoming sales pipeline at our finger tips. It has provided easy access to information and this has added significant value in helping to start shaping the strategic direction of the business.

We have yet to fully maximise the tool (not used email marketing functionality yet). From a marketing perspective the report functionality is and in the future, will be more important. Also, I really like how intuitive the tool is, in particular the dynamic search functionality.”


“It’s helping to lay the foundations where future success will be undoubtedly achieved. It is providing transparent BI that the business will learn to appreciate even more and not be able to do without. The tool is being used to understand and create a performance baseline which future metrics will be based on. Its reduced the processing time of our sales enquiries and
has actually proved more useful than we first thought.

Whilst we are still in our early development stages of using the tool, it’s clearly adding value to our sales / marketing / business processes. I’m really pleased with the account management and the responsiveness of the BuddyCRM team. We feel the annual fees we pay for BuddyCRM provides Ivor King value for money. ”

Phil Bown, Head of Business Change

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