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Ivor King, a prominent UK construction industry contractor, transformed their business operations by adopting BuddyCRM in 2017. Initially challenged by inefficient spreadsheet-based management and unreliable data, they sought a solution that could streamline their sales and project management processes. 

BuddyCRM provided a custom-fit CRM system and enhanced operational efficiency and strategic decision-making. This case study outlines Ivor King’s journey from overcoming industry-specific challenges to achieving remarkable improvements in productivity and business intelligence, resulting in long-term growth and success.

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Ivor King is a distinguished name in the UK construction industry, established in 1974 as a family-owned business. Over the years, they have grown into one of the UK’s leading sheet piling and bored piling contractors.

Ivor King is known for their dynamic and progressive approach, providing bespoke design and installation services across the UK and internationally.

Founded: 1974, evolving from one man’s vision to a leading piling contractor​​​​.

Core Services: Specialises in a variety of piling solutions, including sheet piled walls, secant walls, contiguous bored pile walls, and king post walls, along with offering solutions for basements and various soil conditions, including rock​​​​.

Company Ethos: Committed to quality and innovation, with a ‘can-do’ approach and a focus on delivering exceptional service. The company prides itself on its skilled team, comprising some of the industry’s most talented engineers, designers, and operational staff​​.


Before implementing BuddyCRM, Ivor King grappled with several common challenges in the construction industry, particularly in managing large-scale projects and maintaining accurate data for strategic decision-making.

Inefficient Processes: Ivor King relied heavily on spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies and errors.

Data Issues: Concerns over data accuracy impacted decision-making; lack of a centralised system affected team monitoring and accountability.

Strategic Development Need: A more strategic approach was needed for sales and business growth.

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“We wanted to take a more strategic approach to sales and business development in order to fulfil the business growth aspirations. To achieve this, we needed a system that provided us with critical BI across our business so we could drive these growth targets.”

Phil Bown, Head of Business Change


Ivor King chose BuddyCRM, which offered comprehensive and tailored CRM solutions for the construction industry, to address these challenges.

Customised CRM System: BuddyCRM was adapted to Ivor King’s specific requirements and customised to align with industry-specific terminology, enhancing its relevance and utility in sales and project management.

Centralised Data Management and Accessibility: BuddyCRM provided a single platform for accurate data management, syncing critical information, such as project updates, client communication logs, and sales pipeline statuses, between the head office and sales teams.

Enhanced Opportunity Tracking and Reporting: BuddyCRM enabled an automated numbering system to ensure data accuracy across multiple subcontractors and projects, improving the accuracy of reporting.

Streamlined Client Data Management: BuddyCRM lets Ivor King consolidate client information into a single, comprehensive record, allowing employees to append new opportunities efficiently without redundant data entry.

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“Seeing how BuddyCRM could provide us with a clear overview of the incoming business and how we can manage our accounts was the key to choosing it… In addition, it is a positive to be working with a UK local business. With their support team just down the road we knew we would be able to contact BuddyCRM if we needed. ”

“It’s helping to managing individual productivity and allows the management team to easily understand workload and monitor performance. We already have much more Business Intelligence about sales and upcoming sales pipeline at our finger tips. It has provided easy access to information and this has added significant value in helping to start shaping the strategic direction of the business.

We have yet to fully maximise the tool (not used email marketing functionality yet). From a marketing perspective the report functionality is and in the future, will be more important. Also, I really like how intuitive the tool is, in particular the dynamic search functionality.”

Phil Bown, Head of Business Change


With BuddyCRM in their toolkit, Ivor King experienced a remarkable transformation in how they handle their business, especially in the realms of sales and project management.

Operational Efficiency: There was a significant increase in managing individual productivity and workload, allowing for better performance monitoring and team accountability.

Strategic Decision-Making and Transparency: Enhanced access to business intelligence facilitated informed decision-making and improved transparency across the company.

Long-Term Business Impact: Implementing BuddyCRM laid the groundwork for future success, providing transparent business insights essential to Ivor King’s continuous development and growth in the construction industry.

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“It’s helping to lay the foundations where future success will be undoubtedly achieved. It is providing transparent business intelligence that the business will learn to appreciate even more and not be able to do without. The tool is being used to understand and create a performance baseline which future metrics will be based on. Its reduced the processing time of our sales enquiries and has actually proved more useful than we first thought.

“It’s clearly adding value to our sales / marketing / business processes. I’m really pleased with the account management and the responsiveness of the BuddyCRM team. We feel the annual fees we pay for BuddyCRM provides Ivor King value for money. ”

Phil Bown, Head of Business Change

Ivor King’s transformation with BuddyCRM is a powerful example of digital adaptation in the construction sector. Their shift from manual inefficiencies to strategic, data-driven operations showcases the real-world impact of a specialised CRM. 

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