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Since MKG Foods adopted BuddyCRM as the tool to manage their 10 field sales staff and five internal sales staff, new business figures have increased by over 43%.


Previously, staff had used a mix of manual paperwork and also a Goldmine system that was unused and unloved by the sales team. BuddyCRM was like a breath of fresh air. Firstly, by being cloud-based, the technical issues of trying to manage the on-premise Goldmine solution were gone – it just worked. No more were the continual Consultant charges to overcome the basics to get the application consistently operational.

By working with the BuddyCRM team, MKG management ensured that the full sales process from the initial lead, to closing the deal, to managing the account ongoing was consistent amongst the sales team, and visible to management.

“Before we started using BuddyCRM, our salespeople had to complete arduous paperwork at the end of each day and even more at the end of each month for management reporting purposes. Now, our salespeople complete their activity as part of their everyday work, and instead of completing reports just for our benefit, they do it for their benefit whilst still providing us with the same information, but far more accurately and promptly.”

“Our Sales Order Processing (ERP), Stock Control and Accounts packages are all automatically synchronised with BuddyCRM, so our sales team can view all customer information in one place. Knowledge is power and we have seen our customer retention and performance levels increase significantly.”

Gemma Todd

In addition to existing business performing better, in their first full year using BuddyCRM, MKG saw new business figures increase by 43%. As Gemma explains,

“Previously, our new business performance was in peaks and troughs. As a salesperson converted the leads they were working on, there was a lag as they re-filled the pipeline. Now all our processes are monitored and tracked on BuddyCRM, our team manage their leads in a much more joined up manner with a constant batch of leads at different stages of the sales process. The peaks and troughs are gone, replaced with a much more consistent performance.”

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