Monk Conveyors

Monk conveyors have used BuddyCRM since 2017 to combine their sales activity and client database together into a cohesive whole enabling them to keep their teams at HQ and on the road up-to-date.


Monk Conveyors has over 25 years of experience in conveying and handling equipment. They supply and install conveyor systems globally to a wide variety of sectors.


Monk Conveyors were using spreadsheets to keep track of their sales activity and Microsoft Access to manage the client database. This was becoming a headache, as the two products didn’t talk to each other, requiring doubling up of administration time querying both databases.

“We would waste a lot of time hunting around for the information we needed. We needed a system which could host our client database and help our sales team with their day to day activities.”

Conveyor belt image for BuddyCRM case study of Monks Conveyors


Monk approached BuddyCRM to provide an integrated solution that would keep track of sales as well as allow the sales team and head office to manage the client database. The combination of having a cloud-based CRM and an iOS app-enabled secure access to sales data from a PC in the office or the same power on the go via the app.


Every sales team works slightly differently, and the sales process at Monk required the BuddyCRM team to implement some custom development to manage those processes. Monk Conveyors required a specific naming convention of opportunities so they matched an internal quote, warranty and maintenance system that Monk has heavily embedded into all their business processes.

At the same time, Monk was keen to reduce the administration burden on their salesperson. To overcome this challenge and ensure accuracy, BuddyCRM developed a bespoke numbering system that automatically names any opportunity when it is created. All the BuddyCRM user has to do is type a single character in the opportunity name field, and the next opportunity name in Monk’s sequence will automatically generate – this saves time and ensures the accuracy of the naming convention. Now, when tracking and searching for named opportunities across all of Monk’s systems, Monk is confident they have accurate information to search on.

“The results have been great, we have now migrated away from using spreadsheets to a full integration with Buddy CRM. The switch over was effortless and very well managed by the team at Buddy. Before the update was released to our full team we were able to do a soft walk-through to make sure it would work as expected. This bespoke function has
reduced the processing time of our sales enquiries and has actually proved more useful than we first thought.”

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