Can Buddy help Father Christmas?

At this busy time of year for everyone’s favourite big, red, gift-giving chap (Father Christmas / Santa Claus), things can get a bit hectic and out of control. Could Buddy make his life just a little bit easier?


Firstly, Santa could check his busy schedule on the BuddyCRM calendar. He’d see when he needs to get all the toys made and what day to deliver them on! (although hopefully he’s got that one stored pretty safe).

He can store requests for presents in the emails and letters from boys and girls around the world in his contacts, as BuddyCRM keeps all emails and attachments with each account record. So no hunting round to find out what each person asked for!

Santa could then use the Opportunity Manager in BuddyCRM to apportion scores to the likelihood of each child receiving their gift based on the Naughty / Nice points scale below:

buddycrm probability settings for christmas

A 100% score and they’ve made it to the Nice list which Santa could then segment his database with using filters. Once he’s determined who is in the Nice segment of his database, Santa will know just how many presents he has to make. If he was feeling generous he could email everyone who didn’t make the Nice list and let them know how disappointed he was that they didn’t make it this year, but he hoped things would improve for next.

buddycrm ios app map

Once Santa is out on his sleigh, he can use BuddyCRM’s iOS App to find the address of each delivery and get a map to his next destination.

All just a little tongue-in-cheek, but a good example of how BuddyCRM can be adapted and customised to whatever your needs.

From all the team here at BuddyCRM, have a Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in the New Year.

Santa on his sleigh with BuddyCRM