How BuddyCRM uses BuddyCRM to sell BuddyCRM

Now, that’s a meta title!

As we’ve just been exhibiting this week at Marketing Showcase in London, I thought it might be interesting to share how we use a CRM to sell our CRM. In our case, we’re using our product BuddyCRM to sell BuddyCRM!

Like all companies, we try to build a marketing funnel of prospects so exhibiting at Marketing Showcase makes potential buyers aware of our products. We are building top-of-funnel marketing activity here.

Marketing Showcase typically has a number of prospects who would be classed as “actively seeking to purchase”, so they are effectively in the middle of the funnel as they are currently considering their options. Trade shows are fantastic touchpoints for the sales team to meet prospects as well as increasing brand recognition. 

The following is the process we use with BuddyCRM to manage the leads generated from meetings at the show and data supplied by the event organiser. BuddyCRM is involved in every step and significantly reduces the administration involved in collecting and following-up leads.

From following up to email marketing, we make the most of our CRM to maximise the value of exhibiting at the show. 

BuddyCRM sales workflow from a marketing event

1. Collect data

As we meet potential buyers at the show, we create a lead in the BuddyCRM mobile app and add notes on what the buyer was looking for.

The mobile app lets us add details for the company Farley Bakery that we met at the trade show.

2. Create an opportunity

Opportunity heading graphic for Sales Workflow for leads from exhibition

Following the show, we do a quick search in BuddyCRM for those new leads we’ve taken at the event, and schedule calls for them, along with setting up opportunities. This means we now have these potential buyers entering our sales pipeline.

An opportunity is created in the CRM from the lead we met at the show. BuddyCRM.

An opportunity is created in the record card for Farley Bakery.

Opportunity Probability Setting in the CRM - six steps are shown in BuddyCRM.

We have set six stages in our opportunity manager, from initial contact through to close, and weighted them accordingly. This initial meeting with Farley Bakery at the show currently sits at 10% likelihood that it will result in a sale.

3. Follow up the lead

Follow-up heading graphic for Sales Workflow for leads from an exhibition
Scheduling a call to a lead from an exhibition in the CRM - BuddyCRM

In the above screenshot, a call is scheduled to discuss booking a demonstration of BuddyCRM.

4. Check the dashboard

Dashboard heading graphic for Sales Workflow for leads from an exhibition
Overview of the sales pipeline and opportunity management in the CRM - BuddyCRM

We can now see in our pipeline that the new lead, Farley Bakery, appears in our pipeline and the scheduled call in our upcoming activities.

In our follow-up call with the lead, we’ll discuss further what Farley Bakery is looking for and arrange a demonstration of BuddyCRM. We’ll update the notes on our Farley Bakery record and progress the deal further.

Scheduled activities show in the dashboard of the CRM - BuddyCRM

5. Import data from the event

Data Import heading graphic for Sales Workflow for leads from an exhibition

Marketing Showcase also sends us a data dump of all attendees and we import those into BuddyCRM, and a Workflow automatically schedules a pre-made marketing email to remind attendees what we do and where we met them. The same workflow adds a call into our upcoming activity so we can follow-up with these prospects to see if they have any buying intent in the near future.

6. Market to the new leads

Marketing heading graphic for Sales Workflow for leads from an exhibition

So that’s how BuddyCRM uses BuddyCRM to sell BuddyCRM!

We believe in the product because it works:

  • Everything is in one place.
  • The management team can see how sales are going.
  • We know how many opportunities we have in future.
  • It’s easy to follow up on prospects, so we don’t miss hot leads.
  • Marketing emails are quick and easy to send.

That’s how we do it, but everyone’s selling process differs slightly. That’s why we like to talk to you first and create a bespoke demonstration for your specific business and industry. You’ll see in our demonstration how easy it is to build a sales process that works for your business.

Got any questions?
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