Meet Buddy… hello world

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Hello and welcome to our site, our product and our journey. And by “our”, i don’t just mean us here at BuddyCRM towers but our customers too as BuddyCRM is a truly democratic product – built by salespeople, for salespeople with all our ongoing development led from direct user feedback. In this new social, interactive world – this is the only way to build truly useful software.

Most software products are developed by techies who are looking for something to build, so they search for an idea and build it. We are different. We were a bunch of sales professionals who tried to find some software to manage our sales teams but couldn’t find anything that matched our (fairly reasonable, we thought) criteria:

1. Ease of use – we wanted our guys and girls in front of customers as much as possible

2. Cloud Based – access from anywhere with no software and system that will grow with us rather than having to buy the “new”version

3. Fanatical Support – we want to run our business not support our users

4. Link in with our existing systems

5. Price – realistic ROI and no long term commitment if it didn’t fit!

We spent over 8 months looking and although we found some good products, we didn’t find anything that matched that criteria to our satisfaction. In particular, number 5 (price) was an issue. We needed a product that had a good level of sales-level functionality but had a justifiable Return on Investment. The market leading products in terms of market share quoted prices of over £20,000 per annum for our 25 user requirement… we could hire another salesperson for this!!

We decided we could do better ourselves so here we are! 

We have gone and built a sales management tool that enables you to manage your sales processes and ensure best practice throughout. It gives transparency into your business to see who is doing what well and who needs help. It allows you to see all the opportunities that your team have identified and manage them through to fruition. Have a look around this site to find out more and then get in touch for a demo. This blog will be used to give some insights into the running of the business and also developments in the product.

Fanatical support is a cornerstone to our business – no issue or question to small to ask… please feel free to email us at if we can help.

I am always interested to chat with sales professionals so don’t be shy in dropping me a line… or on twitter @senseoverload.