The service in SAAS is just as important as the software

Our product, BuddyCRM, is classed as ‘software as a service’ (SAAS), where the software is delivered online as a service rather than installed directly on your machine. Delivering software this way provides several benefits including instant access to information anywhere on any machine, no need for updates or patches, automated backups, and fast servers to deliver results quickly.

While the benefits of SAAS are many, we believe that the service you receive is just as important as the quality of the software product. We build in quality service into every level of our organisation so that when you choose BuddyCRM as your new CRM to handle your sales and administration, you can rely on us to ensure things go smoothly.

Customer Relationship Management in your organisation can be as simple as collecting contact details for your prospects and accounts and making them available to your team members. Alternatively, you can make your CRM complex and sophisticated by storing custom information unique to your business, integrating with third-party software, automating workflows, building reports, tracking sales opportunities, creating targeted marketing campaigns, and more. With so many features available to you within a CRM, products such as BuddyCRM can seem intimidating at first. That’s where our service team come in.

From initial enquiry to a meeting, collecting your brief, scoping the project, through to recommendation, installation, implementation, training, and follow-up support, we’ll be there as much (or as little) as you need us. Quality support is delivered by our UK based team who work with the product daily and know how to help you and your team make the most of its vast capabilities. You’ll find we have plenty of experience working with similar businesses as yours and being able to adapt BuddyCRM to fit your unique requirements.

“Having worked with BuddyCRM for a couple of years now I can fully recommend them. The software is slick and very simple to use, and the support is second to none – no question is too silly and no task too small, which gives me complete confidence in them as a supplier.

We’ve even done a complete re-scope halfway through – they understand what you need and make it happen very quickly, important to a sales team who use the software and don’t need any downtime!”

Caroline Watson, Key Account & Partnership Manager, BusyBees