BuddyCRM vs. Pipedrive

Is your CRM holding you back? With BuddyCRM, you’ll have access to all the tools you need; contacts, users, security, automation, and custom fields, without contact limits.

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BuddyCRM is an intuitive, cost-effective CRM designed for sales, support, and marketing teams. It’s easy to set up, easier to use and provides the core features you need on all plans.


Pipedrive is an established CRM with a number of features that are sold as add-on extensions. It integrates well with other products, but users complain of recent outages and lack of support after its purchase by private equity.

Dedicated CRM manager✔️
Custom fieldsunlimited, all plansLimited in the bottom three plans
Automation / Workflowsunlimited, all plansLimited on all plans
Phone support✔️Only on top plan
OwnershipFamily owned businessPrivate equity controlled

5 reasons BuddyCRM is the best alternative to Pipedrive

The ‘three click’ rule

BuddyCRM is designed with a ‘three-click ‘ rule in mind. All tasks are designed to take a maximum of three clicks, from setting appointments, calls, tasks, and emails to finding contacts, email building and opportunity management in your pipeline.

Simple to use, but with all the features you need, BuddyCRM makes selling easier with reduced admin time.

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Designed to grow your business

BuddyCRM was designed to help businesses grow. You aren’t limited in the number of contacts you can add to your database, and BuddyCRM actively encourages you to convert leads into sales.

With BuddyCRM, your sales team can focus on their daily tasks while you use trustworthy data to get precise insights into your business and adjust your strategy as needed. With accurate budgeting and targets, you’ll have a better-performing sales team working to a best-practice sales process that rewards success.

Easy setup

Easily migrate your data to BuddyCRM with our free setup and configuration worth £10,000. We’ll import your data, set up your custom fields, and customise BuddyCRM to work for your business, the way you want it to.

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UK support

BuddyCRM Support is just a quick e-mail or phone call away and handled by the people who know and work with the product daily. Our team are based in Walsall, in the UK and understands the environment your company works in.

Dedicated account manager

For all packages above entry level, you get a dedicated CRM Manager to take the pain out of managing software and let you manage sales.

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Spend more time selling

Reduce your admin time and get your day back. BuddyCRM’s users tell us they save up to a 1/3rd of their time by using the CRM. That’s because it is designed to speed up your admin and get you back to doing what you do best – talking to customers, prospecting, and following up.

No feature limitations

We know that the basic requirements of a CRM are to get your data in, keep it updated, and keep all your people in the loop. We don’t limit the number of contacts, users, or custom fields you can have, so you can keep growing and customising to keep on top of your business.

Don’t compromise

Successful businesses don’t compromise. You want the best, so demand the best. Pipedrive is a tool designed to upsell you constantly into more features at ever higher prices. It’s also not based in the UK, with world-class support built in as standard. When you need a comprehensive sales, support, and marketing tool to drive your team to success, then choose a buddy to help you – BuddyCRM.

Here’s what you say


Matt Webber - 2BP

“Glad to have moved to use BuddyCRM, and I can strongly recommend the system to others.”

Matt Webber


Luke Buckley - Head of Partner Network - VenuIQ

Utilising BuddyCRM has allowed myself and our team around the world to make sense of our opportunities and global pipeline at a high level and at the ground level, so much so that we feel without an effective CRM we would be lost in the volume of communications required and it would affect our bottom line.

Luke Buckley - Head of Partner Network


Audrey Bodman - Outshine

Comparing it to some of the packages I’ve used, BuddyCRM has considerably more options for the user – making it much more flexible. It’s so easy to use and has made my life so much easier.

Audrey Bodman