Lead Forms

Power up your lead generation with forms that bring data from your website direct to your CRM.

Web forms feature header graphic for BuddyCRM

BuddyCRM includes a powerful editor to create lead forms for your website.

Create sign-up forms, contact forms, newsletter forms, and more.

Choose the data you want to collect from your web visitors and the moment they press the button, the data moves into your CRM directly. From there you can have BuddyCRM work with the data automatically with a Workflow.

Example 1: Contact Form

Contact form on your website -> BuddyCRM -> Workflow automatically emails a reply to the customer and an email to the salesperson responsible.

Example 2: Newsletter form

Newsletter subscription form on your website -> BuddyCRM -> Workflow automatically adds customer to the database, opts in the customer to promotional emails and emails latest marketing newsletter.

Example 3: Brochure form

Brochure form on your website -> BuddyCRM -> Workflow adds lead information to database and emails the prospect the latest brochure.

Example 4: Callback form

Request a callback form on your website -> BuddyCRM -> Workflow adds a scheduled call into a salesperson’s calendar.

Example 5: Meeting form

Schedule a meeting form on your website -> BuddyCRM -> Workflow adds a meeting into a salesperson’s calendar with a customer.

The number and type of forms is unlimited and what can be done with the incoming lead means you can create a powerful automated machine that functions to support your team and reduce administration time.

Set up a form

Build your form in the BuddyCRM marketing editor. Choose the fields you wish to collect, from standard contact details (name, company, phone) to your own custom fields.

Choose to hide specific fields so that the customer isn’t faced with a long form and you can set default values in the background.

All forms will create a new lead connected to a company in BuddyCRM.

Screenshot of creating a web lead in BuddyCRM
Campaign information for a signup form in BuddyCRM

Grab your html code

Place your generated HTML code in your website or on your landing page generated in BuddyCRM.

Your lead will now be live and start collecting leads that your Workflow can process automatically for you.

Watch the lead form video

Want to see a web lead form being created?

Watch the video here to see us create a newsletter sign up form, make it active, and create a workflow that automatically subscribes the person to the BuddyCRM newsletter and notifies the marketing team.

placeholder for a video in BuddyCRM

Why use BuddyCRM to handle your forms?

Research shows that the faster you reply to your queries, the more likely you are to be considered. This is called “speed to lead” and in fact 78% of deals go to the vendor that responds first to a request!

Using BuddyCRM to handle your web leads means you can take advantage of Workflows to automate your response to a lead. If every second counts in your response, then the faster you’re able to deal with an enquiry means the more likely you are to make that sale.

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