Sales Team Management

Manage and improve your sales team’s results with our powerful sales team software.

BuddyCRM includes all the tools you need to run a fast, efficient sales organisation.

BuddyCRM key performance indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators

Compare team members on the measurements that matter most to you.

Rank members in leaderboards on any measurement of activity in your database from contact dates, sales data, profit margins, meetings, etc. Anything you store in the CRM can be measured.

Ownership and Security

Easily swap out members of your sales team and restrict access to certain areas with security and ownership features.

Transfer ownership of records to new team members in one quick function, restrict reports to certain members, and open up specific functions such as email marketing to key members.

Set security options on your reports so only certain users can use them in BuddyCRM
Manage your scheduled reports in BuddyCRM


Build customizable reports containing the information you want (or use our most popular standard ones). Automate sending your reports and have them sent to you regularly. No more time-consuming collation of data or threading your multiple spreadsheets.

A sales team management tool

BuddyCRM provides sales team managers with everything they need to do their job well.

It simplifies your work life, reduces your administration time, organises your team, ensures they stay on accepted best practices for your sales process, enables a sales pipeline, and provides real-time, measurable metrics that can be automated with reports.

Simple & Straightforward

A reduced learning curve is guaranteed with BuddyCRM. We provide full training and set up your CRM to work how you want it to. All functions are designed to work with a minimum of clicks. Everything just works.

A visual interface to your sales data

No more scrabbling around in Excel sheets. We combine all your third-party software so you only have to visit one place to see how sales progress.

Easy to use

BuddyCRM is simple to use and easy to set up. Import your existing customers and leads, and you’re ready to go.

Customise it

Make BuddyCRM work the way you want it to. Add as many custom fields as you want (and report on them). Create your sales pipeline to follow your sales process and reap the rewards of a sales team that stays on track.

Automate everything

No more skipped leads or missing reports. Automate those key functions with workflows so that every lead is followed-up, every call is made, emails are sent, and reports are produced.


BuddyCRM works with the other software you currently use; ERP, logistics, accounting, and email. Our API will seamlessly connect to your other products eg. Mailchimp, Sage, etc. and bring that information into your account records so you’ll have a single customer view.

Read how Knight Electronics centralised its global quoting

Knight Electronics wanted to manage its global sales team network, modernise its sales process and centralise its quoting. With BuddyCRM, Knight brought everyone together and gave management oversight on orders worldwide.

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BuddyCRM and Knight

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