Customer Profitability Matrix

This easy-to-use tool is designed to help you effectively rank and understand the profitability of your customers, setting the stage for more targeted and fruitful business relationships.

Step 1: Configure Your Settings

  • In the first sheet’s ‘Configuration Settings’ section, you can adjust profitability thresholds for ranking customers.
  • While you can leave the fields blank to use the default values, customisation ensures the analysis is relevant and aligned with your business strategy.

Step 2: Enter Customer Data

  • With your settings in place, move to the ‘Customer Profitability Matrix’ sheet to fill in your data.
  • Accurately enter information in each column for the most insightful analysis. Calculations and rankings are automatically filled for you.

Step 3: Analyse the Results

  • Review how each customer is categorised based on your settings and the data provided.
  • Utilise these insights for strategic planning and to enhance your customer engagement tactics.
Customer profitability matrix tool by BuddyCRM - graphic

Customer Profitability Matrix

This tool is designed to help you analyse and understand the profitability of your customers, enabling strategic decision-making that will enhance your business’s bottom line.

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