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Build Quotes and Presentations

Keep all your documentation in one place, accessible in a couple of clicks.

Quote your client straight after your meeting with the built-in quoting system. Store your product details and photos and produce quick presentations of the products you want them to see.

Quotes and Presentations convert leads into sales

Storing product details and pictures lets you win over clients with information straight to hand. Your catalogue can now travel with you and is always up to date.

  • Always quote on up to date pricing and use our price modify to calculate customer discounts accurately and with total visibility to margin
  • Show customers images of your product range directly from your laptop or tablet
  • Custom fields to display your own product information such as allergens for food or stock levels linked to your stock management system
  • Create PDF or Word presentations for clients with images and key product information within minutes

Buddy CRM is the online sales customer relationship software for sales teams of 5 or more. Cloud hosted, you can access your customer records and sales data wherever you are through a browser, tablet or phone. Lots of lovely charts, tables, pipelines and kpis for management. History, scheduling, and opportunities for the sales team. With a Buddy to help you with your selling, you'll never be alone on the road again.
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