Milestone Release 38

Mar 20, 2019

New Reporting System now live

We say farewell to the old reports that were live for seven years as the new Reports module is now the default in BuddyCRM. Many of you joined our free reports training webinars last month and a full set of support articles is also available at We hope you enjoy creating and scheduling your own reports.

Schedule a report to send automatically on an agenda of your choice in BuddyCRM

Schedule reports with security rules

You can now schedule reports to send automatically via email at set times taking into account record sharing security rules. The below screenshot shows Data Security being set according to specific sharing rules set on the right-hand side.

Set security options on your reports so only certain users can use them in BuddyCRM

Data Management

Our Data Management area has had a revamp making updating existing records in BuddyCRM via CSV easier.

import data into BuddyCRM with the data management tool


Admins can now change the colour of the Buddy Sidebar to suit. You can now rock PINK Buddy! Head to the Personalisation section under Settings in Admin to select a colour. This feature will come to all users soon.

change the colour of your buddy bar in BuddyCRM with the personalisation setting

General fixes and speed boosts

As well as the above, there’s the usual bug fixes and small enhancements that have been made. We’ve also continued to optimise BuddyCRM so you’ll find it quicker than ever.