Milestone Release 68

The following updates and new features are included and available to you from now on.


Our big new feature is Webhooks.  Webhooks allow you to trigger events in third-party software based on actions in BuddyCRM. 

Examples of webhooks in use would be : 

  • On an opportunity being won in BuddyCRM, automatically create an invoice in your accounts package. eg. Xero, Quickbooks, etc.
  • On a new lead being created, send it to your email drip marketing campaign

Webhooks can be set up and administered from within the Admin module. 

We think you’ll find these incredibly useful for connecting your various software suites together.

If you need assistance setting up Webhooks, please check out the support article. For additional help, please speak with the Customer Service team. 

Buddy Menu

The menu is now static and doesn’t react along with the rest of the page when zooming in/out.

Admin Area

Job title has now been added as a field in user profiles, making context-based tasks much easier to assign.

The user email is now also visible in the list of users, making it easier to identify the email corresponding to each user.


Company names are now visible in the task view on the calendar without having to hover over or click on a task. This makes it quicker to scan over tasks and identify the clients corresponding to them.

Email Templates

We can now generate more merge tags for more fields. This will allow custom email templates to include more pre-populated fields (based on information from records), meaning you’ll be able to create email templates for more tasks/subjects than before. These email templates can also be opened in their own default email client.