Breaking Free from a Productivity Slump: The Power of CRM

In the UK, business leaders are facing a productivity crisis that’s hampering their growth and competitiveness on the global stage. The problem is palpable, with the UK trailing behind other G7 nations in terms of output per worker.

The statistics from 2021 are not just mere numbers—they spell lost revenue, missed opportunities, and a surge in stress levels among the workforce. The latest figures show no respite, portraying a grim picture of productivity flatlining.

Output per hour in UK - productivity per worker in the UK

This looks disheartening, but there is a solution…

Embrace new technology and invest in your people.

In the sales, support and marketing world, teams can modernise and boost productivity by adopting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, from traditional engineering and manufacturing firms to new services, technology or software; adopting a CRM will provide an immediate boost to your success.

The UK’s Productivity Quagmire

The productivity gap in the UK is not a new revelation. The disparity in output, when compared to other G7 nations, is significant and detrimental. This gap isn’t just a dent in the national statistics; it trickles down to the revenue margins of individual companies, the morale of teams, and the potential for business expansion. The stagnancy in productivity levels reflects missed potential and the urgent need for a remedy.

CRM: The Unseen Engine of Productivity

CRM isn’t just another acronym from the consultancy world. It’s a powerful tool that’s been underutilised yet holds the key to surmounting the productivity hurdle. CRM is more than software—it’s a centralised hub consolidating customer and prospect data from various sources, including other software systems, into one accessible dashboard. By automating mundane tasks and rendering actionable insights, CRM is an indispensable asset for every organisation striving for heightened productivity.

Why and how does CRM make teams more productive?

Automate and Liberate

The automation features of CRM is a boon for teams entangled in repetitive tasks such as data entry and appointment scheduling. By delegating these routine chores to the CRM system, companies can liberate their workforce to channel their skills and energy into core operations. The payoff is twofold: a notable uptick in productivity and a decrease in the likelihood of human error.

BuddyCRM’s Workflow feature is an example of this in action. Any activity in your CRM can trigger additional automated actions to occur. For example, upon receiving a new lead from your website, a CRM workflow can automatically email back a response and schedule a call for your sales team.

Streamlined Administration

The days of toggling between spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes are over. CRM offers a unified platform where all essential information is housed. This centralised approach not only simplifies administrative work but also fosters a culture of organisation and efficiency. When all members of your workforce become responsible and accountable for the information your organisation holds, they will see the benefits of their care in looking after the information.

Sharing between departments becomes automatic. For example, there are no more requests of your accounts department to find out if a customer is in line with payments. You can find that information instantly from the record card of the company in the CRM. Equally, a salesperson can see if a marketing email has been opened by a prospect or if the latest order was delivered on time and what it contained.

Insightful Reporting

Gone are the days of aggregating data from disparate sources for reporting. CRM systems collate relevant data automatically and can deliver insightful reports right to your inbox, enabling data-driven decision-making with ease. Anything that can be stored in your CRM database can be reported on, from customer interaction activity by sales teams (calls, emails, meetings) to sales figures, quotes, and inventory information. All of this data can be brought into customisable reports and scheduled for regular delivery, keeping management on top of figures at all times.

Transforming Saved Time into Earned Revenue

With the administrative load lightened, teams can pivot their focus towards revenue-generating activities. CRM facilitates efficient lead and opportunity tracking, empowering the sales team to ensure no lead falls through the cracks. Additionally, creating segments in your database enhances personalised marketing efforts, paving the way for better customer engagement and higher ROI.

Enhanced Customer Service

CRM is instrumental in fostering positive customer service. By providing a 360-degree view of customer interactions it enables quicker issue resolution and fosters long-term customer relationships. Both the salesperson and support team will be informed of any issues and be able to monitor and track progress towards their resolution.

Weighing the Costs and Benefits

The thought of implementing a new system might raise eyebrows concerning the costs involved. However, the return on investment (ROI) on a well-implemented CRM is compelling, with estimates showing a return of $8.71 for every dollar spent. Although these figures are based on US data, the message is clear—investing in a CRM system is a venture worth considering for UK businesses.

BuddyCRM’s plans are fully transparent and reveal that the cost of supporting your team with modern technology is minimal when compared to their overall compensation package! Plus, there are no ongoing support costs – everything is included in the monthly plan.

Real-world Transformations

Success stories from companies who have embraced CRM elucidate the transformative potential it holds. We invite you to explore our Case Studies and Testimonials, where businesses share their journey of overcoming the productivity impasse with the aid of BuddyCRM.


Andrew Etherington - 59Club

“We have worked with BuddyCRM for many years and with our global footprint, they have helped us manage our sales pipelines more effectively, integrate with our invoicing platform seamlessly to generate sales orders and allowed us to communicate with countless prospective clients quicker on a larger scale than previously possible, so undoubtedly this is saving us a huge amount of time company-wide. We are conservatively saving 3 hours per person, per day, for those who use BuddyCRM and this has ensured our long-lasting partnership between 59 Club and BuddyCRM.”

Andrew Etherington - Operations Director


Luke Buckley - Head of Partner Network - VenuIQ

“Our industry is a competitive and fast-paced environment in which we need to react quickly to tenders/RFPs and Agency projects for upcoming events. Utilising BuddyCRM has allowed myself and our team around the world to make sense of our opportunities and global pipeline at a high level and at the ground level, so much so that we feel without an effective CRM we would be lost in the volume of communications required and it would affect our bottom line. Having the CRM customised to our processes and terminologies has also ensured good uptake from the team, all the better that the BuddyCRM team took care of this from day one. My thoughts are, if you’re in the market for a CRM, you want it to be easy to use, give real-world benefits, not take up any time in implementing it, then give BuddyCRM a call.”

Luke Buckley - Head of Partner Network

Intoo UK & Ireland

Owen Morgan

Buddy CRM was an instrumental part of the set-up of INTOO. Adam understood our need and was quickly able to pull together a solution that gave us what we wanted as a business requiring a practical and straightforward CRM. Very happy with Buddy and Adam has always made himself or one of his team available in order to address any queries / suggest any upgrades that could prove beneficial to us.

Owen Morgan - Managing Director

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