Meet the team: Emily Wood – Delivery and Support Executive

At BuddyCRM, our staff are at the heart of our CRM system and key to its success. Therefore we wanted to introduce them to you so they can share what it is like to be a member of our team.

Emily Wood, Delivery and Support executive at BuddyCRM, took a short break from her work to answer a few questions about her role and experiences. Emily’s role in the business means she is responsible for ensuring our excellent level of customer support, as well as providing the training, implementation and oversight of new and existing client projects.

How did you start out in the CRM industry?

Before working at BuddyCRM I started out in Software and Hardware roles within the IT industry. However, I found the software CRM industry far more rewarding due to how varied each day can be. I also enjoy building strong client relations and helping with any queries or questions our Buddy users may have.

And what do you enjoy about your job the most?

I love interacting with customers in different medias, as well as giving resolutions to queries and providing training. Also working with developers to gain more technical knowledge to progress my career is something I thoroughly enjoy. This also helps me as I am currently completing a computing degree alongside my career.

When you are not interacting with customers, what clients do you work with?

I work with all our existing and project clients within BuddyCRM and really enjoy the variety. Being able to build relationships with clients across a range of industries has been another highlight of working in the CRM industry and the people we work with at BuddyCRM have been especially great.

What is your advice to companies that are thinking about using a CRM system? What are the benefits they can enjoy when using one?

Ensure you have a system that can be reasonably flexible with your companies needs and great customer service to assist you throughout the longevity of the solution. There are many but the main benefits for businesses are increased revenue, increased staff productivity, improved customer and client service support.

Finally, what is the biggest success story you have worked on at BuddyCRM?

Working closely with my development team to produce a brand new piece of functionality to be inputted into our system. This went live with no issues and was rolled out to all clients and is used daily by a number of our important clients. Successful launches like this have been hugely rewarding in my time in the CRM industry and a great learning for me personally.