Your new and improved Buddy

Welcome to the start of something new! BuddyCRM has a brand new look and feel that makes it even simpler for you to manage your business relationships and we’ll be releasing this to all of our customers through May and June 2018.

It’s now even easier for you to conduct your most frequent tasks including recording calls, setting appointments, and sending emails from the updated Action Button. We haven’t changed anything about how you manage your account and all the features you know and trust about BuddyCRM are still included.

A Clear Overview of Your Account Activity

The home screen has a fresh new new look. With a switch to a screen friendly font and the removal of heavy bars around the page there is lots of clear space to quickly take note of your tasks, activity and analysis. The home screen still shows your Activity, Overview, Analysis and Tables sections but in an easier to read format.

Dashboard home page on BuddyCRM

The New Action and Email Buttons

Tasks under the Action Button no longer produce a drop down list. Pushing the Action Button [icon name=”plus-circle” class=”newbuddyblue” unprefixed_class=””] launches a more convenient pop-up screen for your most regular activities including creating calls, appointments, tasks, leads, accounts and cases.

Creating a call in BuddyCRM

Sending an email is now accessed even faster from its own Email Button [icon name=”envelope” class=”newbuddyblue” unprefixed_class=””]  next to the Action Button [icon name=”plus-circle” class=”newbuddyblue” unprefixed_class=””].

Creating an email from the email button in BuddyCRM

Same Great Features

All aspects of BuddyCRM will appear similar throughout the app creating a seamless, ordered and crisper way to view your contacts, accounts, leads, products, quotes, opportunities, calendar, cases and files. All customers will see the new look appear in their accounts by the end of June (but probably sooner).

We hope you like the new look and of course, if you need help with any aspect of BuddyCRM, please get in touch with the Support team at