Sales Team Healthcheck

To make any improvement, you first need to understand your current position. Knowing your current position helps you identify critical areas for improvement and provides a benchmark against which you can measure improvement.

This health check has two key purposes.

Firstly, it gives you an insight as to how straightforward it is for you and members of your team to access this key information which is informative in itself as you should be able to access this within 30 minutes.

Secondly, it gives you some fantastic insight into key data points of your business, which should help you make better decisions in future.

Undertake the Sales Team Healtcheck by downloading the following document, a questionnaire to give each team member. The most efficient and optimised teams should be able to answer all questions within 30 minutes.

Sales Team Healthcheck

Sales Team Healthcheck

This questionnaire should be completed by each sales team member and will determine what information is readily available within the team.

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