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Knight Electronics, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, manufactures electrical components. The group has been operating since 1979. The group has created several other market-leading brands since Knight Electronics’ inception including IO Audio Technologies and Orion Fans. Knight Electronics has a global presence from the USA, Canada and Mexico to the UK and manufacturing plants in Asia.


BuddyCRM was approached by Knight Electronics due to the expansion of their global rep presence. The sales process had been identified as needing improvement and to be made more efficient. This sales process was well established and utilised Word-based forms for data capture, emailing of them around the world, with follow-up phone conversations, but no central repository for all this information. 

Additionally, because the process was heavily reliant on memory and an individual’s inner ability to expedite the task at hand, it was very susceptible to delays in responses or missed opportunities. This would have a strain on sales rep relationships in both directions but also was extremely difficult to manage at what point the issues had occurred due to the disparate processes each company followed. It was proposed internally at Knight Electronics that it was time to future proof the global rep sales process and introduce a CRM.


After a robust and thorough tender process, BuddyCRM was appointed Knight Electronics’ worldwide CRM partner. 

We proposed a solution that would allow rep companies to have access to the Knight CRM, where they could add their latest Lead or Customer, add enquiries and RFP which would then at a certain point alert head office to the request for a quote. The Enquiry/RFP would be templated to digitise the request for information and ensure certain data was captured as a minimum through the use of mandatory flags.

Knight Electronics wanted to maintain control and ownership over the quoting element of the sales process at Head office, Dallas to ensure accuracy for their reps. Once this alert was created and the task set, the designated individual at HQ would create the bespoke proposal using the Quote tool in BuddyCRM which held all of the products catalogue. After the quote was created the rep in their designated country would be alerted to this event and were now in a position to download and utilise a bespoke quote created by HQ, accurate with the latest pricing detail so they could go and win the enquiry.

With the use of workflows, bespoke templates, quote engine and mandatory fields we created a CRM with the flexibility to add the detail needed but the guidance to make sure the correct way was carried out each and every time.


This has been a huge success for the group and has been highlighted in a recent quote from Vice President of Sales, Buddy Finnie. 

“We interviewed 5 different CRM companies – many of the biggest names in that industry – no option was cost-prohibitive… We were looking for the best option to help our team. 

We went with BuddyCRM simply because Adam is a great communicator of the value that they would be bringing to our company, and because he made it clear that he would be there at the beginning of the process, during the development process, AND once we started using the system. He is true to his word & has been there every step of the way.

If you’re looking for an easy to use & intuitive CRM platform that is customizable; as well as great customer support – BuddyCRM and specifically Adam Hannath are the folks you need to do business with. 

Adam and BuddyCRM have proven to our team that they are invested in our company’s success. I’m thankful for his assistance in providing our sales team with a tool to ensure continued growth. I am very pleased to have Adam as a business partner.”

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