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Should I get a CRM?

There are many reasons to get a CRM system, and we list the most common below. The most obvious being, do you know of any successful sales team that doesn’t have one?

We were prompted to write this after reading a Reddit thread in r/sales where a user asked if he should get a CRM system himself after his boss refused to purchase one for their company.

Can’t be bothered reading the whole article? Here’s the summary:

Yes, you should get a CRM!

But here is the long answer, and it’s worth a bit of your time.

Fellow Redditors replied to the original poster with these quotes:

“To be honest – I’d rather buy it myself and keep the data.”

“Go find a sales job that will invest in what you need.”

This is not the time to be dealing with ass backwards companies that will hire salespeople and won’t fork over $20-50/mo for a CRM.

I’m gonna be honest, if you’re even a little serious about this, there are 1000 sales departments that’d hire you tomorrow. A CRM is an absolute bare minimum, and if your company can’t be bothered to invest in the bare minimum, they aren’t gonna invest in their people.

“Invest in a CRM? It’s like $50 a month per user for a full-featured CRM… Personally, I would be looking for another place of work because how cheap are they with everything else (including your pay).

“If you’re not willing to spend on a CRM then you probably don’t have all the other tools to do the job.

“I have a very hard time believing you’ll be able to make great money with antiquated leadership ideologies around using technology to do your job. I respect your attitude and this question but might want to ask yourself (or leadership). How many great sales teams operate without a CRM? CRM is not a luxury it is a prerequisite to manage your team, deals and long term pipeline effectively. Can you survive without one?

Good luck on that though. Sounds like the company is set up for failure if they do not want to use a CRM for everyone. Red flag for me.

Seems stupid to not invest in a CRM. It would be better to have all teams collaborate.

Pretty much universal opinions there from fellow salespeople on Reddit….

So, yes, you should get a CRM.

Here are just a few more reasons why:

Here’s some more reading on the subject.

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