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Cloning your sales team’s most successful people

Everyone wants success and your salespeople desire success more than most. Salespeople were born with ambition in their soul and the desire to go out there and make things happen. But not everyone is born with the innate ability to turn that desire into sales. That’s where tools like BuddyCRM come into play.

Using the attributes, habits and practices of your best sales person you can develop a sales process that becomes a part of your business. Sure, there will always be people with more charisma than others and selling comes naturally easier to them, but by following the general principles set by your leading sales people and defining a sales process you can enforce those actions in your crm. Then everyone becomes as good as the leading seller.

Start the Cloning Process

  1. Define your sales person’s successful sales techniques.
    ie. what are the core customers, how do they prospect for leads, how do they contact those leads, how do they obtain an appointment, what method do they use to follow up?
  2. Define a sales process.
    From the information in step 1, set out how you will develop your sale, from lead to prospect to customer and maintaining a business relationship. A sample sales process is displayed below:sales process cycle with BuddyCRM
  3. Define the BuddyCRM inputs.
    At each stage of the sales process, define how BuddyCRM can assist. For example, unqualified leads can be entered into BuddyCRM where they can be scheduled for telephone appointments. Following the telephone call, the lead can be updated with the correct information and possibly progressed on to become an active prospect. Active prospects will be called more often and we can use BuddyCRM to schedule a regular marketing email to them. If the prospect indicates they are in the market for our products, an appointment can be generated in BuddyCRM. The prospect can be visited by a sales person to discuss the opportunity and a Deal will be initiated in BuddyCRM.The example sales process below indicates the actions to be taken in BuddyCRM at the first stage. This would be built up from discussions with the team and sales manager to include the actions at each stage.
    sale cycle process with buddycrm inputs
  4. Introduce the sales process into the sales team.
    With the completed sales process and BuddyCRM introduced to the team, now is the time to show your team how you expect sales to be conducted. In effect, you’ve cloned your best team member by introducing a series of actions in BuddyCRM to be implemented by everyone in their interactions with prospects and customers.
  5. Monitor your sales team’s actions.
    Use BuddyCRM’s activity monitors to track how your team is doing against key performance indicators (kpis). These kpis will show what activity they are they conducting to achieve sales targets. In conjunction with the sales pipeline, the sales team manager can use this information to ensure team members stay on the right path to success. A sample kpi activity screen is shown below.Manager screen from BuddyCRM showing activity across a range of key performance indicators based on activity

Your cloning is complete. Now every team member has the tools to be as successful as the best performer.