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What is my sales team doing?

This article seeks to discuss the age-old problem of being the sales team manager and not knowing where your team is today and what they’re doing. If you currently have this dilemma then you’ll love BuddyCRM and its sales team calendar, team activities overview on the dashboard, and the incredibly powerful reporting facilities on our Manager screen.

No more being a mushroom sales team manager – you don’t have to sit in the dark and be fed horse manure!

Now you can find out exactly what your team is doing:

  • how often they make calls and appointments,
  • who they’re seeing,
  • when they’re seeing them,
  • and where they’re going.
  • what stage their leads are at
  • and what blocks might be preventing a sale

As your team make calls, send emails and set appointments in their BuddyCRM accounts, you’ll have access to an overview of all their activity.

From BuddyCRM’s customisable dashboard, you can instantly check your own, your colleagues and your team’s diaries. Check what appointments and scheduled activities have been missed in the ‘lapsed’ and ‘missed’ sections, see how ‘busy’ team members are and collect statistics that can be used in your regular team meetings.

BuddyCRM dashboard detailing field sales team activities for today

The ‘Manager’ section has configurable reports on any aspect of a sales teams diary along with the default calendar timeline view (below pictured).

BuddyCRM's manager dashboard screen shows your team activities in a calendar timeline view

You can tally sales activity information against your sales process too. So if over time you know that every 10 appointments your team will gain one sale, you can check to make sure the team are keeping to their targeted number of appointments.

The image below shows a variety of activity-based KPIs that can be measured and used in team meetings to show how activity leads to results. From emails sent to calls made and meetings attended, everything that can be recorded in BuddyCRM can be reported and compared.

Manager screen from BuddyCRM showing activity across a range of key performance indicators based on activity

So no more sitting in the dark waiting for results to come in, now you can have an always up-to-date view on the sales activity of your team.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to give yourself a complete overview of your sales teams activity.

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