Dear Santa, please can I have a new CRM and peace for all mankind

It’s that time of year again. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, there’s a permanent chill in the air and you’re awaiting a bout of snow to really drive home the feeling of winter. The leaves have gone and everyone’s hunkering down for the big chill. Down under though, there’s the promise of hot temperatures, bikinis, bbqs, and days out at the beach or watching the cricket. What have we both got in common? Christmas! And it’s almost here. Yay!

Christmas for the sales team involves a lot of touching base with customers. Trying to get around to see everyone to wish them happy holidays and book in appointments for the new year. For some industries, like food and entertainment, this is a manic time of year and your customers are less likely to take calls and appointments because they are so busy themselves.

Making sure you send all your customers cards and your top clients gifts is a big task during this month. Even worse if your sales year runs as per the calendar, there’s a lot pressure on to close deals too. Plus the almost never ending Christmas drinks and lunches. It’s a busy time to say the least.

So, here’s a little rundown of the top corporate gifts we liked (and wouldn’t mind receiving!) this year. It may help you with your decision making over the next few days.

Subscription gifts seem to be on the increase. They’re a regular reminder of your largesse throughout the year and not just Christmas. Here’s a couple of inexpensive ones we liked:

graze nibble box - corporate gift

Graze sends out boxes of healthy eating. What could be better than a nice box of treats that tastes yum and is good for you at the same time? Our body is a temple, right?

black socks - socked - corporate giftSocked describe themselves as the black sock subscription service for discerning gentleman. We’re a bit discerning here at Buddy and we like socks ‘cos they keep our toes warm. I bet you know someone who’d like some too.

friday night curry - corporate gift

Or what about a three month supply of Friday night fun in the shape of a curry?

Not up for a subscription idea? Here’s a couple more fun things that might get you remembered:

personalised chocolate bar - corporate gift

Not on the High Street do plenty of fun personalised gifts. If you’re a bit creative you might like their personalised chocolate bars.

bright light laptop - corporate gift

For when inspiration strikes in the dead of night, this fantastic little laptop light is one bright idea for your bright spark client.

biscuiteers christmas gift

Everyone loves a biscuit and The Biscuiteers have a fantastic selection, from tins of festive cookies to custom iced biscuits of your logo, there is loads to choose from to keep even the fussiest client happy.

Enjoy the festivities people but don’t forget to keep your calendar up to date. And if you need to find out where Santa is, Google knows.

We’ll be back before New Year with a round up of the best sales stories from 2014.

Ho ho ho

The Buddy Team