Did you buy the wrong CRM?

Just occasionally CRM customers buy the wrong CRM. You might be one of those people.

We are often approached by companies who desperately need a CRM to manage their sales and marketing teams. They’ve been using a combination of luck, spreadsheets, and memory to manage their business. We’re pleased to have been found and included in their buying process as we know we can make a big positive impact on their sales management.

Occasionally though, we miss out on the win and our potential customer signs up with a competitor. No problem, that’s the competitive business we’re in.

But we hate seeing customers get ripped off and sold the wrong product.

Worse still, sometimes we end up on a pitch list with competitors who we know are more expensive, less supportive, and frankly have fewer features than BuddyCRM. We know these competitors will do a worse job for the customer but politics interferes and the wrong choice is made.

We know we’ll probably hear from these customers again in 1-3 years as they realise a mistake that has been made.

And then there are a few who know they need to choose a CRM system but ultimately bottle out and choose an online database like Airbase or Access. Cost is cited as an issue in this choice but this is a disaster waiting to happen.

There are no cost savings to be made in choosing a dumb database with no native CRM functions. The user interface will be terrible and that will alone will almost certainly be enough to put off your team from using it. Even if they get around that, there’ll be none of the features they need. ie. emailing contacts, marketing tools, KPIs, reports, charts, calendars, sharing, security, workflows, sales pipeline, opportunity management, reminders and prompts, etc. Take a look at the features list in BuddyCRM and see if Access could possibly replicate that!

So if you’re one of those people who made the wrong choice, and got lumbered with an expensive CRM that is too simple or too complex to use, then we say “Hi!”

We’re not going to punish you for somebody else’s error. We’re here to help.

Here’s how we’ll get you back on track with your CRM:

A dedicated CRM manager

We’ll assign a dedicated CRM manager to work with you and figure out what’s gone wrong and how we can get back on track. We’ll stick with you while a switching strategy is developed and we’ll continue to be your supportive partner throughout. Our philosophy is not to leave you to figure out things on your own – we want you and your CRM installation to be a success.

Sales Process

We’ll work out your sales process with you and configure your CRM to match that. Once your sales process is embedded in the DNA of your CRM, everybody will be following the same process automatically. Results will flow from timely actions and automated workflows which mean opportunities are never missed again.

Customised to your business

We’ll customise the CRM to the way your industry works.

There’s no compromise. Whatever custom fields and reports you need we can sort out and make happen for you.

Whatever workflow, opportunity management, sales pipeline, template, quoting system, or integration with accounting, ERP, and sales you need to make your business work, we’ll make sure BuddyCRM is configured to work for you.

and just like those infomercials on the telly, we’ve got one more thing!

Free transfer of your data!

We’ll transfer your data from your existing CRM or database into BuddyCRM – for FREE.

That’s a great deal.

All of that is already better than what you’re used to and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Wait till you get to use all the great features BuddyCRM has.

You and your team deserve it.

Don’t let that CRM mistake ruin you and your team’s life.

Shake things up.

Get rid of it.

Give us a call and we’ll help you out today.

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