The Big Pitch: a playlist to get you in the groove for your sales presentation

Getting into the right mood for that big presentation…. what’s your routine? Tapping the desk five times, 10 pushups, a Mars bar?

Yes, we all want to feel confident when presenting. The kind of confidence that oozes off those WWE wrestlers (or the big-time darts players!). We want to feel like we’re entering the room to our own walk-on tune, just like the Rock.

When you feel good and act confident, you present your company and its products in a trustworthy manner. Customers are more likely to believe what you’re saying and selling. It’s not about the swagger though, it’s about confidence.


There’s nothing better to motivate and make us feel good about ourselves than music. So we’ve put together a quick playlist of upbeat, high tempo, ‘get me in the now’ music to build you up for your next meeting.

There’s no need to worry about your next sales call or presentation. Pop on those headphones and prepare to operate like a rockstar!