Is it possible to fall in love with a CRM?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought we’d share with you our story of a match made in heaven. It’s about a training and skills company with ambitious targets looking to grow rapidly, and a up-and-coming software company that will go the extra mile to help you reach your goals.

Acorn Training Consultants had a very new sales team and required additional support in order to start hitting their targets. The manager was not onsite every day, so keeping abreast of the daily sales activities was a challenging task. He needed a way of staying informed no matter where he was. After BuddyCRM was recommended to him by a prestigious sales training company, he approached us for help. A long courtship began.

Our team helped Acorn Training Consultants simplify their sales process, working closely to create a set of inputs, lead stages and activities for the sales team to undertake, mapped perfectly to a corresponding action on the CRM. This process ensured their prospecting customers moved swiftly through the journey of a sale from enquiry through to completion. Within a matter of a week of the sales process being introduced, BuddyCRM was integrated it into their business.

‘The amount of customer support we received and continue to receive is extremely impressive and great value for money. Implementing a CRM is a complicated task, especially for a business like ours. Is was critical for the Buddy CRM team to understand the complexities of our propositions and they did just that. Stripping our sale process back to a basic format really worked for the sales team and mapping it to the system was seamless. The sales team now have seven easy steps to follow and an automated scheduler running their day to day activities. The efficiency savings alone are fantastic.’
Ben Upton, Acorn Training Consultants

So how has it been going?

The results have been extraordinary – the extra business generated through using BuddyCRM paid for itself within the first two weeks!

‘BuddyCRM has had a huge impact on our targets. Within the first month of using it, our sales team have really made a quantum leap forward. I’m able to keep a close eye on the team with quick reminders from BuddyCRM, activity is increasing, pipeline is developing and progression through the pipeline is now visible. This month, the team are on course to hit target by mid month. I am one happy customer.’
Ben Upton, Acorn Training Consultants

It goes without saying that we at BuddyCRM HQ are feeling the love at the moment.

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