The Sales Health Checklist

Take the Sales Health Checklist

To help you with your sales efforts, we’ve developed an excellent process we use with many BuddyCRM users. The Sales Health Checklist is a series of questions to help you assess your sales and sales team’s performance.

Complete this simple question-and-answer session with your sales team at your next meeting. Their answers may help focus efforts on the big picture and ensure the team stays on track.

1. Name your Top 20 customers and revenue from the last 12 months. Did they differ from last year?

2. What % of your business do your top 20 customers represent?

3. What is your average order value?

4. How many new customers do you do business with last year? What was the value of that new business?

5. What was your % win rate last year?

6. What was the value of lost opportunities last year?

7. How many live opportunities do you have at the moment?

8. Name the Top 10 opportunities.

9. Which product do you sell most of and why?

10. What product do you sell least of and why?

Below are some sample results from a recent sales health checklist – the results are illuminating. ‘Not known’ is a far too frequent answer here, illustrating the sales staff are mostly in the dark about their success. (we’ve changed their names to hide their shame!).

Click the image to download a blank spreadsheet version you can use in your own sales meeting.

Sales checklist - sample results. Download your sales checklist from BuddyCRM