Is data security important to you?

Keeping and controlling your data should be one of the most important parts of your business. After all, keeping in touch with your customers and clients is what keeps sales ticking over. But what would happen if you lost your paper records or one of your key salespeople left, taking with them all ‘their’ contacts?

We’ve made a checklist of the Top 5 data questions we think you should be able to answer:

  • Do you worry about staff turnover and sales members taking your data with them?
  • Does your current system allow unsecured access to paper records?
  • Can your staff easily copy and transfer CSV or Excel files?
  • Do you know what files are being accessed and when?
  • How often are your records updated and are they correct?

Security and your database
If you worry about the security of your data and whether the sales team are updating it, regularly contacting clients, or arranging to take data with them when they move, then you should be looking at using a secure, cloud-based CRM. Making your data work for you and your sales team is what a good CRM will do for you.

BuddyCRM can help
Our CRM stores your client database securely in the cloud giving access only to who you want, when you want. You can lock down certain records to individual team members or sales teams, split accounts by region, prevent export of records if required, and transfer accounts between team members easily and safely.

All actions are recorded within the CRM so you can see when items have been amended and by who. You can report on anything that is stored within Buddy, including last contacted records, appointments, opportunities and deals. All this means, you’ll be able to see how often your clients are being contacted and what deals you have in the pipeline.

Your data is yours and will remain so. No more sleepless nights worrying about the security of your customer data – we’ll ensure that everything is safe and sound.

Make a leap to the cloud
BuddyCRM is operated in a tier 3 data centre, backed up by real time replication to alternate data centres, and accessible only via securely encrypted SSL certificate. Increased data security is just one of the many benefits BuddyCRM will provide your organisation.

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