Here’s why a CRM is crucial to get the team back together following crisis

About now, you’re probably thinking about or just recently got your team back together, whether that’s in virtual land or socially distancing in the office. And just like Elwood and Jake you’ll have a load of issues to solve in a hurry.

How will you do that without a CRM system in place and working for you?

Because BuddyCRM will:

1. Automate and Schedule

your calls and emails out to your contacts to let them know you’re back on board. Imagine the scale of doing all that manually!

2. Transfer contacts

between sales team members. If you have team members still on furlough or have made redundancies, there’s going to be some shuffling of accounts. Switching large numbers of contacts is quick, simple and easy in a CRM.

3. Share information

between the different departments of your company, from telesales teams and sales managers, through to marketing and accounting.

4. Report on anything

you store in your database from opportunities, activity, quotes, leads, sales, inventory,  

5. Develop best practice

in your sales team members. Set up key performance indicators (KPIs) and compare individuals against each other and averages. Know exactly what numbers you need to be doing in key stages to hit your targets.  

6. Start marketing

again to key segments of your database by setting up marketing campaigns and sending promotional emails through MailChimp or other email providers we connect to. 

Now is the time to act and get your company back working together. You’ll need a CRM to help you with that.

If you’d like to discuss putting the team back together, please call the BuddyCRM team on 0121 288 0808.