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Packed with features designed by sales professionals to speed up your selling

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BuddyCRM - record card shown on a macbook. Know everything about your customer before you visit them.

Know everything about your customers, before you see them

Keep all notes, appointments, phone calls, tasks and emails as well as important documents relating to your clients and prospects in one place. Prepare for your sales call or appointment in advance with a single glance at your customer’s record.

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Management info at a glance

View the status of your business in real-time, on one screen. New leads, hot leads, sales opportunities, why you’re winning, why you’re losing, support calls and team activity. Track your KPIs, build the reports you want or use Buddy’s default.

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Take your buddy with you everywhere and keep tabs on your data, sales and customers while on the go.

Finished your meeting? Update the opportunity directly in the BuddyCRM iOS app and have it instantly available to the other members of your sales team.

The BuddyCRM app is quick, simple and easy to use with all your history and planned activities available with a quick swipe.

Now you have a buddy to take with you on every sales trip, you’ll never be alone!

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Target your marketing to prospects

Zero in on the right prospects for your next marketing campaign. Filter your contacts and send your emails out through Redeye, Flowbird, Mailchimp or Pure360. Analyse the success of your campaign right from within Buddy CRM.

BuddyCRM integrates naturally with many popular email marketing systems including Redeye, Flowbird, Pure360 and Mailchimp.

Create a quote in BuddyCRM

Look like a rock star in front of your clients

Store images, product specifications, build elegant presentations and create and save beautiful quotations without having to leave the system.

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Plus unique features for every role

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Sales People

BuddyCRM helps you manage your contacts and make selling simple.

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Sales Managers

BuddyCRM lets you track your sales team’s performance.

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BuddyCRM automates your marketing processes.

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“It’s no coincidence that since implementing BuddyCRM our New Business is up by 43% and Customer Retention up by 11%.”
Paul Smart, MKG Foods

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