BuddyCRM Milestone Release MS79

A rundown of the new features, improvements and bug fixes within BuddyCRM milestone release MS79, released 12th June 2024.

New Features

Opportunities Google Maps (Bud-12034)

We have introduced new functionality to the ‘Opportunities’ module to plot existing opportunities to Google Maps based on filters. Similar to existing functionality in the ‘Accounts’ module, this can show the location of nearby opportunities on Google Maps, so that account managers and reps can see what is near to their location.

Accounts – Cases Tab Reorder (Bud-12012)

Based on customer feedback we have moved the ‘Cases’ tab to be the second-left tab in ‘Accounts’. This will improve the ease at which you can access your customers’ ongoing support queries,

Cases Created On (Bud-12012)

We have also introduced a new column in the ‘Cases’ tab within ‘Accounts’ for ‘created on’, making it easier to see how long a case has been open for at a glance.

Improvements and Enhancements

Case Emails (Bud-12029)

We have improved ‘Cases’ so that when a customer sends an email to cases with images within the body or attached, these will display. Likewise sending an email from a case with images will correctly send.

Case Retain Selections (Bud-12030)

We have improved ‘Cases’ so that when going into a case and then going back, any view selections made on the cases screen will be retained. This will improve workflow by saving clicks.

Lead Form re-CAPTCHA Improvements (Bud-12020)

Based on customer feedback, we have improved the ‘re-CAPTCHA’ security element for Marketing signup forms. This includes making the re-CAPTCHA mobile-optimised, re-wording one of the questions to be more easily understood and upgrading the underlying technology to a new version. These changes will increase your form conversions.

Main Search Optimisation (Bud-12033)

Under-the-hood optimisations to the main search bar in BuddyCRM to improve speed & performance.

Reports Optimisation (Bud-11664)

Under-the-hood optimisations to improve the speed & performance of loading reports.

Bug fixes

Case Filter Fix (Bud-12016)

We have fixed an issue that could occur in certain circumstances, where filtering by a custom column in ‘Cases’ wouldn’t correctly filter.

Home Page Not Expanding Fix (Bud-12027)

We have fixed an intermittent issue with the homepage not correctly expanding for new users. All homepage modules will now expand correctly.

If you would like a demonstration of any new functionality, please get in touch with our Customer Success team at support@buddycrm.com