May 2022

Updated Cases Module

Updated Cases Module - May 2022

We continue to enhance and improve the Cases area which has had a complete rebuild over the last 6 months. This month’s updates include:

  • You can now integrate your support email address to automatically create cases!
  • In addition, you can have multiple email addresses to create cases. This is extra useful if you have different emails for different channels or VIPs.
  • Incoming tickets are displayed in a Triage area for a quick assessment, allocation and resolution. 
  • The case search functionality has been massively improved, especially with huge data sets.
  • Your team can reply to emails directly from the cases within BuddyCRM.
  • The cases list will now allow you to select custom fields to the list display for extra insight into your business.

Email Marketing Module

Email Builder

Over 10,000,000 emails have now been sent by customers from our email marketing platform and that’s just the start.

  • Everybody loves gifs. Especially cat gifs. You can now add gifs to your emails. Cats are not mandatory.
  • You can also utilise .BMP file types in your emails for enhanced graphic support,
  • The segment builder has been further optimised and improved.
  • The automation rules can now send transactional emails as well as HTML emails for more flexible customer communication.
  • Further customisation in landing page and signup forms including support of .GIF and .BMP file formats.

Plus these other enhancements…

Calendar popup
The company name now shows in the calendar popup.

Across the system, various new features are available.

  • Company Name is now shown in the pop up on the Calendar
  • Email Notifications that are triggered by workflow rules can now be sent to multiple users.
  • Opportunity reports now have the “last updated by” field available.
  • Account and Lead reports now have the “created by” field available.