Milestone Release 37

Feb 13, 2019

We’re pleased to announce that the latest milestone release of BuddyCRM has gone live today. The following items were fixed, improved, or added:

Manager Tables now have Sticky Headers:

We’ve made sticky headers on your tables in the Manager module so when scrolling through the table you’ll always be able to see the column header and the user names down the left side. Nice!

Sticky headers on manager screens - BuddyCRMReport on activity completion notes in the new report module

If you haven’t tried the new Reports module yet, here’s a good reason to give it a go. We’ve now added the activity completion notes field so you can see the why’s and wherefore’s of your team’s activity.

Report on activity completion notes in BuddyCRMSchedule reports

Making your administration life a little easier, you can now schedule reports to be sent to your mailbox, at the same time and same frequency (whether this is daily, weekly or longer). This option is available in the new Reports module.

Schedule a daily, weekly, monthly report to be sent to your email inbox in BuddyCRMYou can manage your scheduled reports from the new Reports module too – edit, add, delete, or check up on when they’re next due.

Manage your scheduled reports in BuddyCRM

Report on Autofeeds

Any autofeeds you have can now be reported on too including pulling data from across multiple autofeeds in the new BuddyCRM Reports module.

All save/update buttons aligned in BuddyCRM

A bit of housekeeping here but we believe it will make tasks in BuddyCRM quicker to complete. We’ve been through BuddyCRM and made sure that the save / update button is always on the right side when you have a choice to update or cancel an action.